6 Nations 2012

  Quickbeam 08:43 03 Feb 2012

It's that time again, and it's also a year that I wouldn't put any money on anyone as the obvious contender, not even the early Calcutta Cup game. I think it's as wide open as it's ever been this year.

Matt Dawson looks at the contenders

  Brumas 09:20 03 Feb 2012

"It's that time again, and it's also a year that I wouldn't put any money on anyone as the obvious contender"

Aye but the wrong code for me, Rugby League's Superleague starts tonight and of course Hull Kingston Rovers are in with a shout ;o}

  Quickbeam 09:26 03 Feb 2012

But they only do girlie play tackles in that game, all done without grinding their opponents faces into the ground for good measure:)

  SimpleSimon1 09:33 03 Feb 2012

Given their relative lack of experience, I would expect England to loose against Scotland, tomorrow. However, as a long-time sufferer (uhm, that should read fan!), I would simply be pleased if they look like a young team who are proud to wear the England shirt and have the potential to learn and develop into a world-class team.

IMHO, they need to ignore all the pressure that will no doubt be coming from everyone about about how they should win every 6N match and realise that, as a new young team, most people don't expect them to win many of the 6N matches but do want them to use it a stepping stone to the future.

On a less parochial note, I'm really looking forward to seeing Warburton play again. I still think he was pretty hard done by with that sending off, even though, it might have been (technically) mandated by the rules that were in force during the World Cup

  Brumas 11:13 03 Feb 2012

Quickbeam, right, that's it, me and you behind the bike sheds tonight, we'll sort it it out, best of three and if I'm not there you can start without me.!! ;o}] Trouble is, that describes a typical union match!!

  Quickbeam 11:15 03 Feb 2012

I was thinking the same SimpleSimon1, I fear it may be the Jocks turn to win the Calcutta Cup this year:(

  Quickbeam 11:20 03 Feb 2012

Now there's a thing, with the current PCA debate on terms of endearment running, how boring would a 6 Nations thread be without ribbing and references a plenty to Jocks, Taffs, Frogs etc...?

  SimpleSimon1 11:37 03 Feb 2012

**Quickbeam I fear it may be the Jocks turn to win the Calcutta Cup this year:(**

True, but if the Jocks fail to win or can only scramble a draw.....well, they'll come in for a serious lot of stick :-)

  Quickbeam 11:43 03 Feb 2012

The ribbings are starting with gusto I'm pleased to note:)

  Bingalau 11:57 03 Feb 2012

Quickbeam. I think you missed out the endearing term "Spics". Or don't spain take part in the six nations?

  Aitchbee 12:37 03 Feb 2012

Here are the betting odds for the outright winner:-







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