50% OF Windows Users

  crosstrainer 13:27 19 Nov 2008

....Have no antivirus protection installed on their machines (according to Microsoft, and the headline article today regarding live one care.)

Can this claim REALLY be true? 50%? Are they including people without Internet access in the figures I wonder?

  €dstowe 13:40 19 Nov 2008

I can believe it quite easily.

I've been told of machines that have thousands of viruses on them and the owner completely unaware that they were there apart from the odd message popping up on screen.

A lot of viruses are only a very minor nuisance and are the result of virus writers practicing their craft in readiness for their "big one". That isn't to say that I think A/V software is unncessary, on the contrary, the more these people can be discouraged in their habits, the better.

  sunnystaines 13:48 19 Nov 2008

I have met people with no pc knowledge, they put AV on the computer when new but never update or renew it when it expires, then when the pc gets bogged down with trojans, worms etc thats when the phone rings "can you help got a problem"

  Belatucadrus 13:53 19 Nov 2008

Also those that see the Norton pre installation package and assume they're covered without ever running the damned thing. Plus the smart Alecs that turn it off because it "slows things down" or because some expert has told them they don't bother and have never had a virus. Said experts actual IT qualifications can usually be printed in bold 36 point on the back of a postage stamp.

  babybell 15:13 19 Nov 2008

I was at friend of my girlfriends house and they turned on their PC and left the room while it booted up because "it takes ages" when it finally loaded there were pop-ups galore on the screen saying your computer is infected, download our free anti-virus software, which of course was generated by malware itself. Windows Security centre was telling them they had no virus protection as well. I asked my girlfriend if i could get on there and sort it out but of course it wasn't really my place to do so as it was the first time of meeting them! All I could do was make it very clear the dangers they faced (as they use the pc for online banking of all things) and hoped they listened to me.

I'm glad Microsoft are producing this free AV software as I thought it would stop events like this happening, but then I later read that they don't plan to roll it out with the operating system, so it will be larely pointless to the likes of the people I've mentioned, because they don't seem to bother installing any of the microsoft updates either!

  interzone55 15:39 19 Nov 2008

A lad brought a PC into work last week for one of the tech guys to look at.

He'd been running it for a few months, visiting some of the darker parts of the internet without any protection, it was riddled with viruses.

Then again he's the sort of lad that doesn't use protection in bed either - the GU clinic can sort that out with a few pills...

As for the figure of 50%, I can quite believe it if you take the whole world into consideration.

  amonra 16:39 19 Nov 2008

Quite a few of my friends with dial-up modems have switched off their A/V programs "because they take so long to update". I can sympathise but I keep banging on to them about the risks they run. I recently had to sort out a computer that hadn't been used for some time due to the user's illness and found that the Avast update was quite a few MBs. This was going to take HOURS at dial-up frequencies, I just recommended she run the machine before turning in for the night.

  Forum Editor 17:37 19 Nov 2008

If you had asked me I would have put the figure far higher. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that everyone who uses a computer knows as much about security risks as the members of an on-line computer forum.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:47 19 Nov 2008

I would hate to be unduly cynical but on the news today (this site actually)....'Windows Live OneCare will no longer be available from June 2009, at which time Microsoft will offer a free antivirus product, called Morro, to Windows users'..shurely shome mishtake.


  User-1229748 18:16 19 Nov 2008

trying to tell my niece anything about updating anti virus software or turning the pc off properly or even deleting temp files is like talking to a brick wall.then a couple of weeks ago when she visited the inevitable "can you have a look at my computer when you next come over,it's got really slow" :o(

  Belatucadrus 22:15 19 Nov 2008

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