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4K is Just Simply Brilliant

  Menzie 19:19 10 Dec 2019

This Christmas I decided to treat myself and add the final touch to my home theatre. A projector isn't possible as this stage so we went with a large telly.

The negative experience aside with the delivery service, all went well and we now have a lovely 55" Samsung 4K TV with all the frills.

It has built in casting from my phone, its own apps for the popular streaming services, gaming mode, HDR and detects and controls my home theatre's volume from it's own remote when on.

I knew 4K was nice but had very little experience with HDR. After calibrating the picture and running a UHD Blu-Ray all I can say is stunning.

The colours pop, the picture looks detailed and is almost 3D at times in appearance.

Coupled with the sounds from my home theatre the experience is quite sublime.

Gaming is also great on the large screen, although I'll need a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X to take full advantage.

TLDR version: New TV; love it!

  wee eddie 19:48 10 Dec 2019

Very nice, just wait 2 years for it to be out of date. You'll be wanting the next "big" thing. Believe me!

  Menzie 20:29 10 Dec 2019

The next big thing is already here, if you have a spare £9000 lying around you can go to Currys and bring home this 8K beauty.

Currently no 8K content commonly available as far as I'm aware.

1]: [click here

  john bunyan 20:31 10 Dec 2019

For those of us not using Netflix or other sources of 4K , and only using UK Freeview as a source, 4K sources are sparse. A great TV choice though/ - I have the 42”’one .

  Menzie 22:39 10 Dec 2019

I'm currently using Netflix, Prime Video and Disney +.

The 4K streams on them are very good. My cable is 1080p, you can tell you're not watching a 4K program but the upscaling is still very good.

  Brian Hamilton 00:24 11 Dec 2019

Your a bit late to the party.

  Menzie 00:29 11 Dec 2019

I've always been slightly behind with displays. I had a CRT monitor up until 2006/7.

  Brian Hamilton 01:10 11 Dec 2019

I knew 4K was nice but had very little experience with HDR. After calibrating the picture and running a UHD Blu-Ray all I can say is stunning.

Your confusing HDR with 4K, HDR is also available on 1080P. Now if your kit supports Dolby Vision, I find the image looks even better.

  Quickbeam 06:06 11 Dec 2019

Should I upgrade my Bush 625 lines set then...?

  Quickbeam 07:39 11 Dec 2019

I've only recently bit the bullet and dumped the 405 lines standard!

  x13 08:24 11 Dec 2019

Have you got colour yet Quickbeam ? Be aware, though, the licence is more expensive :-(

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