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  Chegs ®™ 04:12 06 May 2012

On the local news yesterday was a story about 4G service being trialled in Threlkeld(small village near Keswick)Whilst watching the report with interest,I did a quick search for 4G handsets and to my dismay,no 4G handsets can be purchased anywhere in the UK yet.So I'm wondering where the villagers will obtain their 4G equipment,will the Provider supply the equipment perhaps?

The reporter did say that the 4G service is unlikely to be rolled out until 3G had recouped more of the initial investment,but that eventually 4G will be as widely available as the present 3G(apparently,98% of the UK can use 3G)

I'm really looking forwards to 4G becoming widespread as my present wired connection is so unreliable,but I doubt I'll be an early adopter as I'll be unable to afford the equipment/service for quite some time.

  daz60 07:44 06 May 2012

I am no expert in this,or anything else, but this article suggests that it is not "true" 4G and that really it is just that the goalposts have been moved,definition wise.Still it will certainly benefit outlying areas left in the doldrums for so long.


  morddwyd 10:50 06 May 2012

You've obviously missed this.


It would appear that 4G, as the rest of the world understands it, will not appear in the UK.

As usual we will end up with our own, probably inferior, system.

  Chegs ®™ 13:00 06 May 2012

I read that article after I posted this thread daz60.


I dont read National Newspapers,I'm a proud Cumbrian & only interested in local events.

Whatever version we eventually get for 4G,will almost certainly be better than the speed/reliability of my present wired connection(my present 3G phone knocks spots off my wired connection)When our version of 4G arrives,I expect there'lll be scores of complaints to the relevant authority as the speeds we'll get will (once again)be nowhere near the speeds we're told we can have(like the present upto 8Mbs of wired systems that is still only averaging 2Mbs)If I want cable,I'd have to move house as the nearest supply is in Carlisle.I recall years ago reading in the local paper that plans were afoot to utilise the old TV cables supplying all the council houses on the estates for the internet,no idea what happened to these plans as the cables were removed when all the houses were fitted with double glazing(probably decided that repair/maintenance of these cables was more expensive than laying genuine fibre-optic cabling)I've also considered satelite internet,but the bandwidth allowances are meagre & the price out of my reach.I've also thought of trying BT Infinity,but I have very unhappy memories of BT as my provider(they regularly turned off my phone for unpaid bills which I a)hadn't received & b)knew nothing about the lack of phone until my broadband went off as I didnt/dont use my housephone.Then when I contacted BT to ask why no broadband,I was always told "there's a fault on the line,our engineers are working on it & you'll have your phone back within 3 days" One occasion was nearly 6mths to sort out.Ever since switching line rental/call package to another provider,I've never had mysterious losses of phone/broadband for lengthy periods)& the price would be more than ten times what I'm paying for my present unreliable connection.

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