44,000 junk emails every day

  jtt 13:05 08 Jul 2008

click here&: "According to ClearMyMail, Orange customer Colin Wells, a workshop foreman for Stagecoach Buses, is the most spammed Brit and receives more than 44,000 junk emails every day"

I think I would have changed email address long before I got that amount of junk.

  Forum Editor 14:34 08 Jul 2008

should examine his surfing habits and see if he can spot a pattern emerging. I'm astonished that he managed to make it to workshop foreman.

  Coffee Adict 14:39 08 Jul 2008

What about his companys IT department, surely they could implement some form of filtering.

  day2strike 14:49 08 Jul 2008

When working for a large NHS Trust in IT we blocked yahoo & hotmail accounts as they are the largest way to get spam emails.

  interzone55 21:42 08 Jul 2008

It's his personal email account being spammed, not the company one.

Orange have to least effective spam filtering I've ever seen.
My sister used to get at least 100 a day, and seeing as she was on dial-up it made the email service pointless.

More ISPs should introduce the software Gmail uses, I had an account with them since it was in beta (2003 I think) and I can't remember a single false positive, and I very rarely get spam in my Inbox...

  gardener 21:53 08 Jul 2008

'I very rarely get spam in my Inbox'. Sorry, but it sounds like something Kenneth Williams would say.:)

  Covergirl 22:19 08 Jul 2008

It's really strange who gets it and who doesn't.

I've had the same email account name for about 10 years and rarely been targeted by spam - apart from the ones I'm registered with - Tiscali 52 since registering in February, Tesco 33 since March, Moneysupermarket 27 since March.

I also got various bouts of spam from random names I didn't recognise with 2 or 3 random word subjects - they went straight into the Deleted Items and stopped after a while.

I once opened a Hotmail account under a really weird name and got loads.

What's the point of spam anyway ? ? ? - even if I wanted to buy some Viagra from them, replying to the email wouldn't really get me anywhere - apart from more spam !

Pass me my gun Jeeves . . . !

  interzone55 09:26 09 Jul 2008

"What's the point of spam anyway"

That is something I've been pondering for some time, it seems that email spam is an almost organic creature, it's self replicating, and is constantly growing. Simply by replying to a spam, or opening it in certain low-end email clients (that's you Outlook Express users), your spam load will increase exponentially.

But as to the point, it costs spammers almost nothing to send trillions of messages, mainly because the spammers don't send them, they're relayed by millions of spambots, infected PCs, world-wide, so if even a tiny fraction of 1% of recipients are sad enough to buy from them and they're laughing, especially as the kind of gear sold in spam emails is very high margin and rarely 100% legit.

I think that if Douglas Adams was still with us he'd have a field day concocting theories around the distribution of spam, after all he did predict Wikipedia with his Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy...

  jtt 09:34 09 Jul 2008

"...or opening it in certain low-end email clients (that's you Outlook Express users), your spam load will increase exponentially."

I don't see how Outlook Express encourages spam, but if you do, please tell us.

  Covergirl 12:33 09 Jul 2008

OE doesn't really "encourage" spam, rather the unwary user just opens a spam email which then tells the sender that the email address is valid and exists.

This email address then gets passed on (along with countless others) to other spammers, hence it helps perpetuate rather than encourages spam.

OE needs to be set up to prevent images being shown when opened. Even a 1 pixel white dot enclosed in an email can be traced by the sender to validate the email address.

Better still, don't open the spam, just select and hit delete.

Anyone else put me right on this one ? That's how I understood it worked, or is the theory basically correct ?

  interzone55 12:36 09 Jul 2008

Nail & head springs to mind...

Yes, OE automatically shows images in HTML emails, these images are loaded from the spammers servers and at least one of the images will have a unique name tagged to the recipients email address, as soon as the image is called from the server the address is declared valid & instantly becomes a target for mass spamming.

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