419er banged up

  VoG II 22:04 18 Jul 2005
  Forum Editor 23:07 18 Jul 2005

The really interesting quote from your link is this:

"Scams have become so successful in Nigeria that anti-sleaze campaigners say swindling is one of the country's main foreign exchange earners after oil, natural gas and cocoa."

It just goes to show that all you have to do is press the button marked "Human greed" and the money will come rolling in. If nobody in the western countries that are the prime target for 419 fraudsters allowed their greed to overcome whatever commonsense they have, nobody would lose anything, and 419 scams would die out overnight.

  wiz-king 07:12 19 Jul 2005

Having received more than a few of these pleas at work - about 5 or more a day - I wish I had the time to do what these people do click here I think I could enjoy it.

  Pusherman 08:42 19 Jul 2005

The 419 scam has been the blight of many a person's inbox for quite a long time now and any news of someone being punished for it is obviously good news. One of the reasons why so much spam is being sent out is because so many people are still replying to them. We know that we aren't suddenly going to become millionaires by helping someone to launder millions of dollars out of their country, but there are people who are naïve to this scam. It's all down to those three magic words; education, education, education. Continued education in developed countries on the perils of email spam and education in the less developed countries, particularly those to whom the Internet is still a novelty.

  pj123 17:24 19 Jul 2005

Yes, one down but how many others to go.

  watchful 17:53 19 Jul 2005

The FE has it spot on. Human greed, particularly in the west, perpetuates many an injustice and many evil deeds.

  Forum Editor 18:33 19 Jul 2005

is to respond to 419 emails in any way whatsoever. People who think they're being clever by leading on the originators of such messages 'for a laugh' are flirting with danger - I know of at least one case where someone was viciously assaulted after he had tried to play games with a 419 fraudster. Give these people a wide berth - just bin the emails and get on with life.

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