40 years of the Net

  Covergirl 14:19 29 Oct 2009

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I wonder if Messrs Kline & Duvall had any inkling of what they were about to create ?

  canarieslover 15:07 29 Oct 2009

At times it seems a bit like Frankensteins monster has been created. Don't you just love it and hate it at the same time?

  Forum Editor 18:43 29 Oct 2009

the Internet has changed the world forever, and for millions of people life wouldn't be the same without it.

I remember my father presenting me with a complete set of Encyclopaedia Britannica and telling me that the books contained 'Everything you'll ever want to know'. I wonder what he would think if he was alive to see just what goes on out there on the web today.

  Kevscar1 18:51 29 Oct 2009

Yes now you can converse with strange weird and exotic people and be verbally abused by them as happens frequently on this forum

  rdave13 21:06 29 Oct 2009

EH? Usualy helpful comments on here. Rarely verbal abuse I think.

  Forum Editor 22:43 29 Oct 2009

I'm not aware that verbal abuse "happens frequently on this forum".

It certainly happens from time to time, but not that often, considering the number of posts we get, and I try to deal with it fairly rapidly.

  Brumas 23:32 29 Oct 2009

My set of Encyclopaedia Britannica gathers dust on the bookshelf and I consider myself quite lazy as I use the Internet to instantly verify any queries or corroborate my somewhat limited knowledge.

Plus of course the platform it affords me to 'exercise the grey cells' of the forum members on a Friday night ;o)

  wolfie3000 03:13 30 Oct 2009

Ah the internet, as i see it its a reflection on the very best and worst of humanity.

From pedophiles grooming children to giving scientists all around the world the tools to advance science in ways we never thought possible.

  crosstrainer 12:16 30 Oct 2009

...Live without it. Shopping, banking etc. etc. all done online.

  Quickbeam 13:15 30 Oct 2009

How many have actually used it, or been aware of the internet for 40 years?

For me, I first became aware of it some time in the early '90s when web addresses were first put onto TV ads or on programme credits, and I remember asking a friend what they were, 'that'll never be of interest to most people' I distinctly remember answering!

I think by '97 time I'd gone online for the first time, but I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to do, what I was looking for or why. But slowly it grew on me as the benefits of various media that aren't readily available suddenly were.

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