40 free photos from Jessops

  simonjary 11:14 17 Oct 2008

The latest issue of PC Advisor (dated December 2008, but on sale now) includes a voucher for 40 free digital snaps from Jessops - perfect for getting your Christmas cards sorted early!

  anchor 13:04 17 Oct 2008

Thanks. I have`nt opened my copy yet, but will do it today.

Always like something for free. Hope there is not a snag.

  Forum Editor 17:00 17 Oct 2008

to send me a picture of yourself, so I can have something to remind me of you as I snuggle into my armchair after lunch on the day.

  Legolas 18:47 17 Oct 2008

There are two issues here. Firstly Simon has broken your rule by mentioning Ch****** to early. Secondly I would imaging photos of all of us would only be used to, as we say in Scotland, "scare the weans" if you did snuggle up with photos of our esteemed forum members I think you would be suffering nightmares till Hogmanay.


I would like to say that the above does not apply to all the beautiful people who frequent the forum

  Simsy 19:22 17 Oct 2008

FE makes mention of Christmas, (even if not using the actual word), in October!!!

Tch tch...



  Simsy 19:23 17 Oct 2008

so eager was I to post that I hadn't read the post from Legolas that points out exactly the same thing!

Silly me!



  simonjary 22:13 17 Oct 2008

I apologise to everyone. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

  Stuartli 00:20 18 Oct 2008

All 40 of such photographs, if I take up the Jessops offer, will be offered to various parents to be used for their rightful purpose.

That is to frighten naughty children into behaving themselves - or else....:-)

  Condom 22:09 18 Oct 2008

Have we learned nothing over recent weeks. You get nothing for nothing. Someone always pays in the end.

  Stuartli 00:17 19 Oct 2008

Offering potential new customers a certain number of free prints with their first order has been a feature of the developing and printing trade for many years.

  anchor 13:03 21 Oct 2008

simonjary: I have just quickly been through my December copy of PCA and have not seen it.

Is is a separate voucher, or, if printed in the magazine, what page is it on?. Thanks.

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