4 x 4 cars

  sunnystaines 15:25 21 Jan 2015

are they any better on ice and snow ot is it just muddy fields/lanes they are better.

I see that most drive in two wheel drive thenauto goto 4x4 when needed.

  carver 11:46 28 Jan 2015

It isn't the car it's the driver that's crap in that video, once he started spinning the wheels he was done for.

About 4 years ago we had a lot of snow and I had to tow a Range Rover out of a lane, he just had road tyres on and tried driving in 16" of snow.

Quickbeam only if you could get the Morris Marina to run long enough to drive out

  Quickbeam 08:54 29 Jan 2015


I went to Italy and back in my dads in 1974. It never missed a beat, but by 75,000 miles it was done for!

  carver 12:39 29 Jan 2015

Quickbeam in the mid 70's I used to do car repairs for friends in my spare time and a neighbour had a marina in that beige colour, cut a long story short she'd had it a little over 12 months and the oil consumption was horrendous.

I stripped the engine and found that one piston didn't have any rings in it, the garage had fobbed her off for 12 months telling her it just needed running in.

  BT 17:51 29 Jan 2015

Re faults with new cars.

Back in the 60's a colleague at work bought a brand new car - a rare thing in those days - and picked it up at lunchtime and brought it back to work to show it off. He said he thought he could hear a rattle. After a couple of runs up and down the yard we tracked it down to a rear wheel and when we removed the hubcap found the wheel being held on with one not very tight nut and the other 3 bouncing around in the hubcap!!

  Noldi 21:40 17 Feb 2015

It's got a lot to do with what tyres you use. General road tyres are better in warmer whether on Tarmac but once you go off road then you big wide Range Rover Sport tyres are a disadvantage. I lived more than 10 years in a mountainous country and the family we had a 4 x 4 estate car that with the correct tyres transported the family with all the gear up to the ski resort with comfort. My company car was 2 wheel drive and that with winter tyres could go almost everywhere the 4 x 4 did. Look at Rally cars when they do the Arctic rally's with little skinny tyres.


  Quickbeam 09:10 19 Feb 2015

"My company car was 2 wheel drive and that with winter tyres could go almost everywhere the 4 x 4 did."

That perfectly sums up the urban myth of the essential advantage of a 4x4 in a suburbanian winter. The biggest reason for getting a 4x4, is simply wanting one!

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