3rd in line to the throne in Afghanistan

  SillBill 21:05 22 Jan 2013

Just curious, does Prince Harry have Royal Protection Officers with him while on active duty and if so, would they be masquerading as soldiers or officers and wearing khaki? like I said, just curious.

  SillBill 21:13 22 Jan 2013

Try as I might, I just can't see a couple of "heavies" wandering around Camp Bastion in Savile Row suits and wearing shoulder holsters!

  Woolwell 22:16 22 Jan 2013

Harry had members of the Met Police Royal Protection Branch with him in Afghanistan. Telegraph see next to last para.

In the past I've met a Royal Protection Officer (just one for that Royal) and he didn't look like a "heavy".

  SillBill 22:25 22 Jan 2013

" Like other members of his immediate family, Prince Harry is always accompanied by officers from SO14, the Metropolitan Police Royal Protection Branch.

However, in Camp Bastion the small detail assigned to him had a lighter touch than usual, and when the prince was “outside the wire” flying on missions, they remained at the base"

Wearing fatigues or Savile Row suits!?

  Woolwell 22:49 22 Jan 2013

They're not James Bond like. Definitely fatigues.

  SillBill 22:53 22 Jan 2013

OIC blending in, like! lol

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