3D TV is the next big thing,

  Forum Editor 19:50 09 Jan 2010

at least it is according to some of the industry's big names click here

If you've seen the film Avatar you will be aware of the stunning results that can be achieved when state of the art CGI meets 3D. The film is quite breathtaking to look at,although it will win no awards for the storyline.

Who can't wait to see one of those lush historical dramas in glorious 3D?

  wiz-king 19:58 09 Jan 2010

"Who can't wait to see one of those lush historical dramas in glorious 3D?" Me
Much as I think 3D is the way to go I think that footie, tennis and 3 day eventing should have have first call, but I expect east-enders, corrie and emerdale will get it first.

  canarieslover 20:09 09 Jan 2010

With the additional cost of HD and 3D there won't be any money left over to pay script writers so all programs will end up with a storyline as crap as Avatar. Mind you, that will be an improvement on the soaps!!!

  morddwyd 20:10 09 Jan 2010

I seem to remember them saying much the same about the cinema in the 50s (and the sixties, and the seventies!).

  Joseph Kerr 20:45 09 Jan 2010

I've no interest whatsoever and am pointing this out in every relevant thread i see in the impotent hope that the industry cares what we (dont) want. There is a thread over on the What HiFi forums which shows many are in agreement with me.

How big a TV do you think would be needed to really get the experience? Do you not think its a distraction from the damp squib of HD (it remains to be seen what happens after the digital switchover but my hopes for HD arent high)...?

Great big waste of time and ill be warnly smug if it bombs.

3D in the cinema? Its a money maker, as it cant be pirated, but thats all. Still, some will have made lots of money off Dances With Blue Alien Types.

Lets hope they show a conscience with what they do with their millions. They wont, of course, we'll get more stuff we dont want and someone will be on hand to tell us it was audience led. Just to be clear, 3D definately is not.

  OTT_Buzzard 20:57 09 Jan 2010

If someone comes up with a 3D TV that doesn't require me to wear (another) pair of glasses then I could be tempted.

Would still need something to watch though.

  Snec 21:56 09 Jan 2010

I should imagine wildlife programmes would really be worth watching in 3D. I would be tempted by that alone but for the little I watch TV otherwise I can't say 3D would change my viewing habits on iota. Call me old fashioned but I don't even watch many newish films, mainly because they all seem rather samey to me. I do, however, like to watch some old black n white war films etc. Yup, I guess 3D is not intended for me.

  Forum Editor 00:06 10 Jan 2010

The industry - like many other industries - is going through a difficult time at the moment, and needs to stimulate the market. Manufacturers are looking to the future; there are more 3D movies on the way, and they obviously hope that consumers will want to repeat the experience in their homes. You may say "Just to be clear, 3D definately is not (audience led)", but you may be wrong - a new generation of TV viewers might well embrace the technology.

It's a gamble, but it's one the manufacturers and programme producers seem prepared to take.

Avatar is already the second highest grossing picture of all time ('Titanic'currently holds the number one position), and looks set to do far better than the $1.1 billion it has grossed to date. It looks wonderful in 3D, I have yet to meet anyone who wasn't extremely impressed with the visual aspects of the film.

  Joseph Kerr 00:34 10 Jan 2010

Your point that I may be wrong indicates that I'm actually right. The technology is being pushed in the hope that the customer will (in italics) follow...Mind, very few of these things are audience led i guess. Many (not necessarily i) would say we should have used Betamax followed by DVD, then HDDVD.

I'm also not sure that the experience can be reproduced in the overwhelming majority of homes. And I wonder if the figures for Avatar include the 2D version...

The industry does appear to need some sort of shot, but I think its a great shame they think this is the way.

On the other hand, it might be best that the industry downsizes for a bit, as BluRay and HD TV are'nt doing that well either (tho i do think they could both take off as well as DVD did).

  [email protected] 00:46 10 Jan 2010

I for one think 3D TVs at home would be cool. In fact, I've already considered getting a computer monitor that would support nVidia's 3D technology for games.

"3D in the cinema? Its a money maker, as it cant be pirated, but thats all."

First of all, every 3D movie released so far has also had a 2D version released alongside it, which could be pirated. The simple fact of the matter is that 3D versions consistently outsell the 2D versions by a factor of many times, despite the higher price to go watch it.

Secondly, it would be very easy to record a 3D movie with a conventional video camera - you would just need to buy a pair of 3D glasses and cover the camera's lense with one of the glasses' lenses, which would block out the "other eye's" image. Obviously the recording would not be 3D.

  Forum Editor 00:52 10 Jan 2010

that I'm right" Well, that's an interesting observation. You said "Just to be clear, 3D definately(sic) is not", meaning it isn't audience led.

No new technology is audience led in the sense that the audience demanded it before it was developed, so of course it's impossible to be wrong if you say that - everyone realises that. I don't think you meant that, though. I think you are claiming that viewing audiences don't want 3D films and TV programmes, and in that context although you may well be right you may equally well be wrong.

Perhaps I misunderstood you, or perhaps you didn't make yourself clear. Either way it's not something we need to spend a great deal of time over. I happen to believe you may be right about the future of 3D. The industry obviously hopes you're not. I'm sure we'll both live to find out. SKY will start transmitting quite a bit of 3D content this year, and it will be interesting to see how that does.

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