3D Television

  rawprawn 16:47 13 Jul 2008

We cannot get Freeeview here, and it is not scheduled until 2011. Will 3D television be available by then, should I wait or should I go for HD TV which has FreeSat already installed when I come to change my TV?

  oresome 18:56 13 Jul 2008

3D will only come about when consumers have been fully milked for HD, so it's some time off yet.

Whatever you plump for, someone will devise a reason why you should upgrade again. It keeps the world going round.

  laurie53 21:00 13 Jul 2008

I suspect that many users of this forum will not see 3D TV in their lifetime, other than the odd gimmicky experiment (remember how Panorama tried to convince people that they could see colour by flickering the signal, many years before colour was available?).

  rawprawn 09:08 14 Jul 2008

You are both probably right, but I read the other day that they were already being sold to the trade at a cost of £20.000 each to assess. It also said that they expected 3D TV to go on sale to the public at a "reasonable price" in about 2 years time.

  Al94 09:13 14 Jul 2008

A project on this started early 2008 click here

  birdface 09:43 14 Jul 2008

According to test's I am in a no Freeview area.But using a loft aerial I get all the channels.Just a matter of pointing the aerial in the right direction. According to Tests mine is suppose to be pointing toward Bedford .I have mine pointing towards Nottingham. And am quite happy with the pictures that I receive.Its just an ordinary TV aerial and not a Digital one.

  rawprawn 10:55 14 Jul 2008

I understand that the guy opposite can get freeview by doing exactly what you say, but He also has Sky. If I point mine in the opposite direction I either lose BBC & Itv or get a poor signal from Newcastle,and of course no local news.
We have a small new digital tv in our bedroom (Freeview ready) and it will pick up 3 channels including Sky News.
I'm not really worried, but the 2 televisions we have downstairs are getting quite old and I am hoping they will last until we go digital.

  rawprawn 11:01 14 Jul 2008

Thanks for that, I am quite impressed watching the demonstration. This is what I read about, I think it was in the Telegraph.

  birdface 17:52 14 Jul 2008

You have to find where the nearest Masts are and point your aerial in that direction.

  rawprawn 20:04 14 Jul 2008

Our nearest is Emly Moor, but right in front of me is a great hill

  Quickbeam 20:14 14 Jul 2008

Do you live on the wrong side if Ben Nevis then... click here

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