3D sound. Video uploaded in 2008.

  rdave13 00:30 19 Nov 2016

Youtube video as always but you will need to wear headphones. I believe that the BBC are experimenting more on 3D sound but can't find the up-to-date article on Radio 4 today.

Something like 'super' stereo .

binaural - broadcasting

  rdave13 01:00 19 Nov 2016

Found the Radio 4 program, fast forward to 31.30 . Not entirely convinced that they've got it right yet compared to the hairdresser's video.

Makes you think, though, that going to a Cinema with a 3D film and includes 3D sound - with glasses and headphones, could create pandemonium.

  wee eddie 02:34 19 Nov 2016

They fairly dragged that name from the vaults, didn't they. The original name for stereo if I remember rightly

  rdave13 02:41 19 Nov 2016

Ed, you listened to the barber video through a proper headphone, none of your mobile phone, cabby, rubbish? You can actually follow the barber's sound as he walks around you. All the other YouTube supposedly "3D" sounds are just stereo. The BBC have a long way to go.

  wee eddie 10:45 19 Nov 2016

Well. 3D was a short lived fad. Is this a new way to try and capture your business?

  Old Deuteronomy 11:24 19 Nov 2016

I'm afraid that a pair of Headphones just don't compare to High Street Cinemas and some Home Cinema Setups, now that you have Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D. As both these Sound formats now include height and overhead discrete channels of audio.

Given what can be achieved with simple stereo headphones, the cinema setup looks ridiculously over the top. The virtual Barber shop was a fine demonstration.

  rdave13 12:34 19 Nov 2016

It was the BBC's article that got me interested but I've yet to find a better example of 3D sound than the Barber video.

  wee eddie 13:54 19 Nov 2016

Somewhere in my loft is my Stereo Setup LP. Bought in '65 when I got the second hand McIntosh Amplifier, it has several similar tracks that allow you to identify your System's "Sweet Spot" or to adjust the aural balance in a number of different ways.

The Barber Shop is slick, but hardly more so than the Drum Solo in Innagaddadavida which places the mikes in the centre of the Drum Kit

  wee eddie 13:56 19 Nov 2016

May have been bought in '63

  bumpkin 22:12 19 Nov 2016

Unless you have got Mr Spocks ears it is stereo re-named.

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