3D Printing - A minor inconvenience

  wee eddie 14:57 17 Sep 2013

I have been watching the various articles, but few conversations, about 3D Printing. This includes several clips of 3D Printers in action and it occurs to me that there is a small problem.

Scan the item > easily done.

Set up the printer > easily done.

Start printing at the base of the item to be built > easily done.

Now what happens if part of the item is not directly above the base and/or horizontally connected to it in a manner that is able to support it's weight. So when it gets printed it will fall, or every single such piece will have to have 'Ground Up' support designed into the program, and these supports will have to be removed once the item is completed.

Back to the Drawing Board boys, I knew it was too good to be true!

  wiz-king 15:06 17 Sep 2013

Think laterally.

Just put a bit of double-sided stick tape on the platen.

  wee eddie 16:09 17 Sep 2013

One of the alternative solutions is to add support by having a second 'Head' adding a Supportive Material as the Primary Printhead does it's bit, but the support must be every bit as accurate as the Print Head.

  Aitchbee 19:46 17 Sep 2013

I beleive they had similar replication problems in the 23rd century [AD]

click here

  bumpkin 10:48 01 Oct 2013

wee eddie, you may have read it before click here

  wee eddie 13:34 01 Oct 2013

I must admit that I was trying to scare up a conversation about the practical side of 3D Printing and not a 4th Form Debate from Greyfriars

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