3D Printer's & the Tensile Strength of their creations?

  wee eddie 21:54 07 Jan 2015

There has been a huge amount of publicity surrounding the Spanner made on the Space Station and, in the past, horror stories of printed Pistols.

My question is this: Does the material from which these things are made have the tensile strength for the creations to fulfil their designed purpose?

  BillSers 05:27 14 Jan 2015

I hadn't realised but strips of bamboo have a greater TS than carbon fibre. Once the badies find that out...

  Quickbeam 08:37 14 Jan 2015

I seem to remember reading that spider silk was the inspiration to develop Kevlar.

  carver 10:44 16 Jan 2015

Take a look here at some of the materials used in 3d printing

  Belatucadrus 11:07 20 Jan 2015

Variation on a theme, printed housing.

Click Here

  Quickbeam 11:55 20 Jan 2015

Think I'll print me a palace this afternoon...

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