3353 pages of what in this thread?

  Z1100 18:45 30 Nov 2006

click here

Even bigger *sigh* 'cause I looked for the longest thread in the world.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:57 30 Nov 2006

Just about sums up the type of people on that forum. *immense sigh*


  Colin 12:24 01 Dec 2006

Just makes me appreciate this forum even more!

  spuds 17:34 01 Dec 2006

Bit like a chain mail letter,you never know where it will end.

  season8 18:45 01 Dec 2006

It's not a "real" post it's just a joke to see who can get the longest thread. It's not a USA site is it?

  wolfie3000 05:37 02 Dec 2006

Well i for one think its cool lol.

Theres alot of rivalry against different gaming forums and threads like this always pop up from time to time,

BTW two members of my clan posted in that forum :)

Before people start saying the file front forum are acting silly for letting this thread continue, the file front website and forum are one of the most respected gaming forums/websites on the net,
Also its just a bit if fun and isnt hurting anyone,
If you dont like it go to another forum.
I wonder how long that thread will run for?

  Sir Radfordin 12:30 02 Dec 2006

And to think someone once said time was a precious comodity.

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