33320.00 Spam messages in the last year (YAHOO)

  Uboat 16:30 07 Jun 2010

NOT good enough! ive got yahoo's so called spam blocker (Which is rubbish) & uptil now ive recived "3332.00" spam emails! of which are left in a folder! WHY arnt these big companies doing more about it! i have paid for my yahoo account for many years BUT now refuse to on the grounds i get around 85 spam emails a day! & yahoo dont really look intrested!
Anyone else having this.?

  v1asco 16:36 07 Jun 2010

I have found that having numbers in my email address has drastically reduced spam

  spuds 16:42 07 Jun 2010

Quite some time ago, I had a very big problem with spam emails, and duly reported the problem to the ISP. Everything then seemed to settle down with very few spam emails, that is until the last three weeks, when I am being bombarded. Reporting the problem again, hasn't brought results so far.

You say that you 'get around 85 spam emails a day'. Care to swap- I exceed that two to three fold. And most are not actually addressed to me or the email box?.

  sunnystaines 17:15 07 Jun 2010

time to consider a move to gmail, i have a yahoo email and never had a single spam on it.

my gmail [main email] does get some but gmail filters them into a spam folder for me.

  morddwyd 19:58 07 Jun 2010

"which are left in a folder"

If they're left in folder you don't actually "get" them unless you open the folder to have a look. Yahoo will eventually delete them.

I use Yahoo and most spam automatically goes straight to my spam folder.

  Uboat 22:53 07 Jun 2010

morddwyd My point been that i have friends from all over the world some that i have kept in touch with & others that i lost contact with! (As we all do) rarely i will recive a email from one or two people who re-make conect with me BUT this means i have to go through ALL the spam messages too see if anyone has emailed me! & thats where it more than annoys me..

cause any emails from a "Unknown" address are sent to the "SPam" folder! for instance 3 weeks ago a very good & lost contact emailed me & i was delighted they had done, we fell out over something silly two years ago but they emailed me & if i hadnt of looked through all the spam i wouldnt of made that connection...

  morddwyd 08:05 08 Jun 2010

"rarely i will recive a email from one or two people who re-make conect with me"

So what you are saying is not that too much spam is getting through, but that Yahoo's spam filters are really too good and blocking e-mails which are not spam.

Suggest you reduce the filters a bit and risk the odd spam getting through to your in-box.

The choice is that or lose the odd non-spam that gets filtered.

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