30th June already, did anyone see the Sun?

  pj123 14:36 30 Jun 2007

I live in Norwich and I think I must have blinked.

It's been dull, dark, grey and raining. I have still got the central heating on.

And to cap it all I ordered a Mobile Air Conditioning Unit a while ago and it was delivered yesterday. I haven't even opened the box yet.

  Cymro. 14:44 30 Jun 2007

And to cap it all I ordered a Mobile Air Conditioning Unit a while ago and it was delivered yesterday. Nice one I like it.

I wonder when the first hose pipe ban will come in to force?.

  wallbash 14:45 30 Jun 2007

Have kept very quiet about ordering
a very large expensive Garden Furiture suite
late last year.So the bad weather is ALL my fault.

Very ,Very Sorry!

  MrNerdy 14:45 30 Jun 2007

Sunny in the North East on Tuesday 19th, since then it's been raining!

  anskyber 14:50 30 Jun 2007

Near me. click here Web cam link at foot of the link page.

  crosstrainer 14:52 30 Jun 2007

It hasn't stopped raining in Cardiff since we had our "summer" in April. Today the same, grey, and persistent rain... I have to go shopping, or I wouldn't bother at all..... Maybe this means we will have a later summer?

  Cymro. 14:58 30 Jun 2007

Very much the same where I am on the edge of Snowdonia. One good thing though most of the water runs down the mountains and in to the Severn and over the border to England, and we don`t charge you for it. Mind you we will one day put a stop the that, not charging you that is.

  Jackcoms 15:18 30 Jun 2007

Welsh, I take it?

That chip - just the one shoulder or both?

  amonra 15:25 30 Jun 2007


Treading on very dangerous ground there bachgen bach !

  Cymro. 15:35 30 Jun 2007

Jackcoms, Yes probably both.

amora, thanks for that. Da iawn chdi!

  Kate B 15:54 30 Jun 2007

No, it's all my fault, sorry. I'm about to have the front of the house painted which requires dry weather; and the garden landscaped. I did want to have a garden-warming party when the work is done, too, so all of that obviously adds up to the monsoon being my fault. Serves me right. Apologies to everyone else.

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