30 Billion

  seedie 17:48 24 Oct 2006

is the amount the gov. are spending on a computer system for the NHS. I've been to my local practice today for a checkup and started talking to the sister about it. Her opinion was that it's a waste of money and would have been better spent on more hospitals.

This is not the first computer system the gov. has ordered and failed to deliver. When will the blighters ever learn?


  DrScott 00:28 25 Oct 2006

which, yet again, has been badly implemented, and costs are already spiralling. The idea is good, but the contractors are of dubious quality - unfortunately the government always goes for the contractor that looks the cheapest, rather than the one who will actually produce results.

  hijo 00:31 25 Oct 2006

good point "seedie" & i think we can ALL remember the Siemens pc software going wrong in 1998 or 1999 in the passport office costing "WHO"...us taxpayers i think £350 million...or something MAD to that amount...if you was to add up all the errors & failed systems/operations the goverment has done in the last 10 yrs it would be into billions...& "NO" they wont learn cause thats what there good @ wasting our money,we all know about the council's budget's & how they wate money when the nearing of the tax year is up so they just spend money on silly things like laying a road that DONT need repairing...we need someone in whos going to be honest & with differant views...maybe "cameron" maybe not BUT NOT BROWN...

  GRFT 07:20 25 Oct 2006

"30 Billion." Can this be true?

  VoG II 09:11 25 Oct 2006

Not quite £30 bn click here ... yet!

  def90csw 09:32 25 Oct 2006

Sorry but it's the best joke i have heard in years!
NPfIT as it was is so under staffed, the programme for change is well behind, some hospitals will not be connected to choose & book for at least 5 years!!

  hijo 10:58 25 Oct 2006

ok the amount might be wrong but just HOW much is REALY the system going to cost & how much is passed "underhand" as time is clicking on & years go by more and more corrupted MP's & "do-gooders" who are in positions of power are found out & the SHOULD be made to pay it ALL back to the system they "STOLE" it from & last but not least like jeffery archer they should lose there positions & not be allowed back into the field they worked..!!! that will prevent a lot of coruption...!!

  Sethhaniel 11:51 25 Oct 2006

the hospitals computer systems up to a decent standard of operation

supplies departments still running DOS systems

IT only fixing computers when they break

crucial daily tasks still being carried out on windows 95 & even '98

How do I know - because I work here

regseeker has found 6493 (six thousand four hundred and ninety three) faults - but can't do anything as it needs ADMIN access

I'm lucky I have XP professional SP2 but running on a Pentium 4 1.5ghz with only 128MB Ram

its not that long ago that the main 'ppm' machine was finally replaced that was three foot square and took 15" disk


  season8 18:28 25 Oct 2006

Must admit as someone working in IT in the NHS i have no say on what software & O/S goes on the pc's i work. And i think i'm lucky not to have to get invloved!

  Input Overload 23:23 25 Oct 2006

Sethhaniel, everyone & his Grandad take their own data from home via disc or MegPen & load it.

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