3 Party debates on TV.

  birdface 08:58 28 Apr 2010

Since the SNP have gone to the High court at a cost of £50.000 So that they can be allowed to join the big 3 on television debates.
It made me wonder if it was democratic to just involve 3 Parties.
Does this make it unfair for the smaller parties no to be allowed to have their say.
Why should the 3 largest party's be allowed to get all of the free publicity and the smaller party's ignored.
Probably an easy answer but as I am not really politically minded I was just wondering if someone could give me a simple answer.
I must admit I had not even thought about it until the SNP brought the subject up.

  Quickbeam 09:09 28 Apr 2010

I think it would have been fair to give some of the airtime hours to the smaller parties, of the total airtime given over to the big 3. After all, they get a fair share of party political broadcast time.

I for one would like to see how they would reply to the extreme party and sandal party policies on offer by the others... and WTM.

  birdface 09:18 28 Apr 2010

It sort of gives you the feeling that there are only 3 party's running for this election and the rest seem to be forgotten.
I suppose that we will find out today if what they are doing is actually legal or not.
To me it just does not seem to be fair on other party's involved.Or not involved as it works out.
Maybe a comment from WTM on the subject if he is not to busy.

  peter99co 09:21 28 Apr 2010

I think the whole thing is a waste of time. It is even worse than watching Celebs doing their thing.

A big turn off for me. I know how I will vote and a TV "show" will not change my mind.W

  Quickbeam 09:26 28 Apr 2010

There's an idea, we vote them out if they're crap... Oh, we already do that?

  mr simon 09:32 28 Apr 2010

Its not entirely fair, excluding any party isn't fair of course. But the line had to be drawn somewhere and it makes sense that it was drawn under the Lib Dems, as there is a significant drop in seats held when you look further down the list.

If you bend to the pressure and allow the SNP on it creates two problems. First, you would then have the Democratic Unionist Party, Sinn Féin, Plaid Cymru, Social Democratic and Labour Party etc.... exclaiming that if the SNP are allowed on, surely they should be too? And what valid excuse would they have for excluding any other of the weaker parties.

Secondly, a debate with the leaders of all these parties would be utter chaos. Chairing the debate is hard enough with three, I'm sure, but add more to the mix and you end up with no-one really being able to put their point across - mainly the three main parties, which if opinion polls are to be believed, about 90% of the votes will go to these.

  Snec 09:33 28 Apr 2010

Oh, how I wish that were true.

Actually, the more crap they are the more they seem to be voted in and this time will be no different. That is why they treat us as idiots.

  Woolwell 09:50 28 Apr 2010

Surely the SNP is relevant to Scotland only whereas the Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems are relevant to Britain as a whole. If SNP have a voice then so should Plaid Cymru and Mebyon Kernow.

  birdface 10:01 28 Apr 2010

I understand what you are saying but it just does not seem to be fair on the smaller Party's.
Everyone has to pay their entrance fee to stand as a candidate for whichever party they represent.
Surely they must be entitled to the same free publicity as the the Big3.
The SNP has to pay £50.000 to try to be represented along with the 3 leading party's.
To be fair any party wanting to join the debate should be allowed to without having to pay £50.000 for doing so.
Is it fair to all party's and the answer is no.
But then that is only my opinion and I have no connections with the SNP and I have never voted for them and never will.
But I think that they have the right to ask the question.

  mr simon 10:39 28 Apr 2010

I think the TV debates should be viewed upon (by the candidates) as more of a privilege than a right. The SNP seem to think that they have been wronged by not being invited on to the show, but its exactly that - an invitation, one that is given to the three parties that actually stand a chance of running for government.

  jakimo 11:34 28 Apr 2010

As fourm member points out the smaller parties are not eligable to take part in the "'The Prime Ministerial Debates'

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