3 men accused of plotting to behead in UK

  john bunyan 18:15 20 Nov 2014

Three radical Muslims are charged (Not guilty yet) of plotting to behead a member of the public. They were laughing and giggling in court. What has this country come to?

Remembrance Day

  Flak999 19:12 20 Nov 2014

john bunyan

"What has this country come to?"

Can you honestly say you are surprised? I'm not!

What we are witnessing is the result of the UK's total failure in treating the threat posed by the adherents of this medieval belief system with the necessary sanctions needed to curtail this type of behaviour.

Fundamentalist Islamism is the greatest threat to our western way of life. It is a more serious threat than the Nazis, Putin and an expansionist China combined. We are going to have to take measures unprecedented in peace time to deal with this enemy within.

The sooner everybody realises this, the sooner we can wipe this scourge to our way of life from our communities.

  bumpkin 19:25 20 Nov 2014

No surprise to me either, I agree with Flak.

  Woolwell 21:03 20 Nov 2014

"Islam preaches peace and do to others as you would have them do to you" That is not completely correct. Islam preaches submission to Allah and any non-believer (non Muslim) are inferior and can be treated as inferior. Women are also inferior to men. It is noticeable that many of the men who have been banned from being with young women are Muslims. Muslims would have you believe that it is a religion of peace however parts of the Quran are far from peaceful. The Quran is often contradictory. Parts extol peace but other parts promote violence see religion of peace and violence

The problem that we have now is that there are an increasing number of Muslims who promote the violent parts and carry out such actions. We haven't helped because of pornography, drunken behaviour, extortionate money lending, and waging wars in countries that are predominantly Muslim. Some Muslims regard the life style of the West as beyond the pale. We have currently lost the hearts and minds battle. Regrettably we are facing a long period of contrition with the extremists.

Before I am jumped on I have not said that there are not peaceful Muslims. There are many of them.

BTW it is also ok in the Quran to lie to non-believers in order to deceive them.

  bumpkin 21:06 20 Nov 2014

Kill it before it grows or reap the consequences.

  Flak999 22:24 20 Nov 2014


I can only assume you have been living under a stone for the last decade or you would not make such ridiculously naive and frankly ludicrous statements such as "Islam preaches peace and do to others as you would have them do to you"

Where were you when this religion of peace had it's acolytes detonate suicide bombs on the London underground? Where were you when bombs were planted outside night clubs in London? Where were you when more of your peaceful adherents to Islam rammed a car full of gas cylinders into the terminal building at Glasgow airport?

Where were you when Lee Rigby was butchered on the streets of the capital by two more followers of this religion of peace?

In Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Israel followers of this religion of peace are butchering people by the thousand all in the name of Allah!

Yet you seem to be an apologist for them and all of this murder and mayhem? It is you and your ilk that are destroying this country and our society by your pathetic tolerance of this religion of peace!

It is you that needs to wake up and smell the coffee, before it's to late!

  Woolwell 22:49 20 Nov 2014

The killing of Muslims has created many of the problems. The long term answer isn't killing them but is education, removal of poverty, removal of feelings of injustice and banning some of the mosques, radical teaching centres and those who preach hate.

Banning Islam in its entirety or its destruction by force is only a small step from intolerance of all beliefs or anybody who disagrees with you.

  Flak999 23:12 20 Nov 2014


"Banning Islam in its entirety or its destruction by force"

If only it were that simple!

  bumpkin 23:21 20 Nov 2014

There are none so blind as those that WILL no see.

  bumpkin 23:23 20 Nov 2014

no should be not, no edit here.

  hastelloy 09:35 21 Nov 2014

Attitudes like those of Flak999 are our equivalent of Muslim extremists. Both sides need to understand the position of the other and try to find a peaceful solution. This needs some radical education of both sides.

Christianity has, in its time, been just as bad.

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