2012 What did you enjoy most?

  Sapins 09:23 13 Aug 2012

The most unexpected highlight for me was the 3(ribbons) and 2(hoops)

My wife found the channel when browsing, we both sat entranced by the displays of precision and artistic talent. Apart from the overdone makeup it was a delight to watch, some of the moves were so fast it was difficult at times to keep up. We are glad we found he channel and will definitely watch it again when it's on.

  canarieslover 09:41 13 Aug 2012

One of my wife's favourite events and I must admit I found it quite fascinating too. Only complaint was that the hoops got lost against the floor colour background when on the high camera. I don't know how they managed not to tangle their ribbons at times as I have less luck when casting a fishing line.

  Forum Editor 10:14 13 Aug 2012

What did you enjoy most?

The way that it all seemed to work so smoothly - the organisers and the volunteers should get medals.

The way the BBC provided coverage was worthy of an award.

  Woolwell 10:29 13 Aug 2012

The unity, the spirit of friendship and the smiling faces and the occasional tears.

  Snec 11:20 13 Aug 2012

What did you enjoy most?

*The way that it all seemed to work so smoothly - the organisers and the volunteers should get medals. The way the BBC provided coverage was worthy of an award.*

Strange thing but I said more or less those words myself to someone not an hour ago.

I was someone who was not looking forward to the whole thing at all and have surprised myself how much I've enjoyed it all from start to finish. The odd time when events I became interested in overlapped I've even employed the recorder.

It has all been amazing and the organisation incredible with hardly a hitch. Yes, and that includes the BBC. Presenting live television is hard to do well with people shouting in your ear and so much going on all around while you at the same time having to appear as if you're chatting matetely to someone sitting comfortably on a sofa at home.

It has all been wonderful.

I better stop here before I let myself down and become joyous, that'd never do.

  Quickbeam 11:35 13 Aug 2012

What did you enjoy most?

The first gold medal! After 4 days most of the country was beginning to worry that we might fail on a hugely embarrassing scale.

Which is why with relief, we threw the Yorkshire statistic at the Aussies!

Secondly, I think the gold postboxes and stamps was just the most marvellous thing that the country and athletes appreciated as a local show of success. I was hugely disappointed when our local Olympian didn't get us a gold postbox.

Thirdly, The steady rate at which we were rewarded with success with medals of all colours throughout the games.

Who said it's not the winning that counts? Oh yes it is!

  Aitchbee 11:45 13 Aug 2012

I liked the 'relaxed' Usain Bolt chat with John Mcenroe [You cannot be serious] chatting about his [Bolt's] heroes. Both men seemed to respect each others great natural sporting talents. It was on the BEEB yesterday.

  Condom 14:06 13 Aug 2012

There are so many highlights for me that I am amazed that I didn't sit and watch more. The girl rower getting a gold medal after her previous disappointments was so good as was Murray finally coming good after so many tries. Hoy and his 6th gold and Mo's two golds against the odds of the East Africa Nations. The relay gold medals were so good that I wondered if the TV was running in fast mode. The BBC coverage was wonderful and I think I even mastered some of the red button technology despite not actually having a red button. The woman's football was a bit of a let down but the final showed what could be done. Still not sure about women's boxing but we certainly have a star in our gold medal winner. Wished I could have seen more fencing but I suppose it is so fast that it is so hard to cover it properly.

The only person who consistently annoyed me was the man interviewing the athletes after their events. What a wally and I do hope he moves on to something more appropriate for his mind set or learns something from our equestrian commentator. She has surely made a bigger future for herself within the BBC.

  daz60 19:59 13 Aug 2012

Individually and collectively TEAM GB.


I was against these games and my conversion was due to the athletes hard work, passion and professionalism in pursuing their dream.Success matters but it is the humble nature of their victory which strikes me most.

Sports Personality of the YEAR,

Jessica Ennis.!? or Team GB.!?

  chub_tor 22:19 13 Aug 2012

I am not a fan of London but happened to be in London with my family for four days (completely dissociated from the Games) and while going about our business it was impossible to miss the friendliness of the people. The pink and purple helpers were everywhere and they helped us over and over again, each time with smiles and laughter and good advice and they went out of their way to find answers to some of our more difficult questions. So putting the actual Games to one side I have to say that what we enjoyed the most was just the warmth and friendliness on the streets of London.

  Forum Editor 23:53 13 Aug 2012

"what we enjoyed the most was just the warmth and friendliness on the streets of London."

That's good to know. Several people from different parts of the country said the same thing to me over the past week. I have been travelling to work on the London Underground, and was asked for help on three occasions. Each time the people told me they had been pleasantly surprised by how friendly Londoners are.

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