2012 Olympics

  caccy 16:21 14 Feb 2009

We had "Team GB" in the last Olympics.
In the interest of fairness,equality,racial harmony and every other PC factor you can think of should not the team be called "Team NI" in 2012 since the Northen Irish got left out last time?
If I was from NI I would have been truly p***** off.
OOps just realised GB stood for Gordon Brown.

  The Brigadier 16:25 14 Feb 2009

I always thought the full title was Team GB & NI.
But shorted to Team GB as it's easy to say?

  Clapton is God 16:25 14 Feb 2009

How about "This farce cost £3 billion and rising" ??

  WhiteTruckMan 16:35 14 Feb 2009



  zzzz999 05:45 16 Feb 2009

Quick someone mention the cost of the Scottish Parliament building. Oh dear, £3 billion (and I bet its £8 billion by the time its finished) pouring into the subsidy junkie that is London. What did new Wembly cost again? Oh, and that dome thingy. Oh, and that new Treasury building......someone should write a letter to the Evening Standard

  birdface 06:57 16 Feb 2009

Team GB is exactly what it says.Why add and NI are they not part of GB.Its like adding team GB and Scotland or Wales.

  birdface 08:11 16 Feb 2009

Hi.I must be one of the few folk in the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland that has never ever had a passport.
You do not need one when visiting Bonnie Scotland.
All you need is a big Umbrella and a can of Midgie repellent.
And not counting the money you save on not having to buy any Sun cream.

  newman35 08:55 16 Feb 2009

I remember being taught that GB was England,Scotland and Wales, and became the 'UK' when NI joined, in the 1920's I think.

  sunnystaines 10:33 16 Feb 2009

GB should say it cannot afford it now the country has got nearly bust and ask china to re host it.

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