2 well known companies - non secure site????

  georgemac 21:16 18 Nov 2004

I opened my credit card bill today - the company I use is goldfish

they have a reward points scheme and in this months flyer have a joint promotion with argos, where you get a discount off certain argos items if you redeem some reward points.

the printed brochure points you to this site click here

I went there and selected one of the items I wanted, checked out, entered my mailing/postal details and was then taken to the page requesting my credit card details. I was just about to enter these when I noticed the padlcok was unlocked in the browser and the site began with http://? instead of the normal https://?

I immediately stopped and have emailed asking goldfish customer services why a credit card company and a major retailer would be asking for such details on a non-secure web page?

Or have I missed something simple? Using avant browser

  [DELETED] 22:06 18 Nov 2004

Strange, this is what I see when I click on your 'click here' link:

click here

  Buchan 35 22:14 18 Nov 2004

I was`nt allowed to look at Georgemac`s page and yes valvegrid It`s very strange. I`d say leave well alone

  Buchan 35 22:16 18 Nov 2004

I thought the normal was http:// and not with the s added

  georgemac 22:16 18 Nov 2004

or the 3 glasses of red

click here www. argosb2b-goldfish .co.uk which should take you to click here

  georgemac 22:18 18 Nov 2004

should always start https:// and the little padlock at the bottom right of the browser should be closed

  [DELETED] 22:25 18 Nov 2004

I think its worth waiting for an explanation from them to be on the safe side.

  Buchan 35 22:36 18 Nov 2004

Thanks for that about secure sites.

I`ve had a look at your 1st and 2nd links and both ended up on the Goldfish catalogue, and the url in the browser read click here. The odd thing is that there is no lock. I`m running XP Pro SP2 and I`ll be wanting to find out if there`s anything wrong.

But as I said before, leave it alone and don`t risk giving your CC number on a suspect site.

  MadNige 00:36 19 Nov 2004

It seems to be because of their superb web design skills ;-)

They have a secure server, just add the s between http and : and you get the same site with the padlock - just that there's no link or redirect from the normal site to the secure

I followed it thru to the details page, still with the lock icon - I bailed there as I don't have a Goldfish

  georgemac 07:50 19 Nov 2004

You could well be right. I don't know about web design so cannot comment.

I have not entered any details and will not do so until I get reassurance from Goldfish that it is safe to do so.

  georgemac 12:02 19 Nov 2004

I went to the https: site just by adding the s - after a certain period the session timed out as it would on a secure site

is there any other way of checking that I am on a secure server other than looking at the padlock? Want to get my order placed to make sure I get the item I want.

I am now certain that it is a genuine site but still a little wary of inputting my card details.

No response yet from Goldfish, and I have also contacted the catalogue administrator via the contact us button.

The website is provided by Argos Ltd.

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