1p and 2p coins rejected

  VNAM75 23:14 15 Aug 2008

I just went to the chip shop to spend 60p in copper coins. The owner said anything over 20p in 1's and 2's is not legal tender. Is this correct?

I ended up paying with 2x20p and the rest in coppers. He didn't seemed impressed but I can understand why.

  rossgolf 23:15 15 Aug 2008

lol. i just dont think he wants the coppers TBH.

  Blackhat 23:22 15 Aug 2008

This should answer your question.
click here
The owner seems to be right.

  GRIDD 23:22 15 Aug 2008

I think he is - there's a limit on how many coins he can accept or reject for a transaction same with Euros abroad. Off to look for info now as I remember reading it....

  GRIDD 23:24 15 Aug 2008

Well done Blackhat.

Something similar applies in Europe amount the amount of coins but the trader can choose to take them.

  GRIDD 23:24 15 Aug 2008

about the amount*

  dermot-titus 23:27 15 Aug 2008

Where is your chip shop?

Buy something for 60p!!!!!!!!!!

Around here you need a platinum card, at least.

  wiz-king 23:34 15 Aug 2008

Is that the new price of 'half a penny worth of crackling'?

  VNAM75 23:53 15 Aug 2008

I bought 2 fritters. I had thought about taking in £1.60 for a chips and curry! I've got a nescafe jar of the things.

  dermot-titus 23:58 15 Aug 2008

Lancashire today.

I hunted high and low for a decent fish and chip shop and all I could come up with were Chinese establishments. The fish were square!!!!!!!!!

Don't you lot have proper fish and chips over there?

  €dstowe 06:51 16 Aug 2008

I also collect small change in a jar and periodically I count it up and take it to the village shop where they are more than pleased to take any amount of small coins from me - even a straight exchange for cash, I don't need to buy anything.

Doesn't your chip shop need change for its transactions?

Dermot: Some of the best fish and chips are from establishments on the sea front in Brighton. If you are down that way, give it a try. Real local fish and real chips - you can actually see the potatoes being cut up at the back of the shops.

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