1950's - 1960's Soda Syphon

  Condom 16:07 09 Dec 2013

I have one of these very old fashioned soda syphons which you used to have to exchange to get a new one. This one is from Dublin and is etched with Harps and Clovers and so I would like to keep it. Trouble is it still has some liquid in it (red lemonade) I think but I have no idea how to take the top off to empty it and give it a clean out. I have tried e-mailing and phoning a couple of UK suppliers with no response so I wonder if any of the technical minded folks on this site can help me.

  carver 16:28 09 Dec 2013

I believe that those old bottles are factory sealed units and the only way to get the top of is with brute force.

Could be mistaken, stranger things have happened.

I was led to believe that to refill them at the factory a vacuum was created inside the bottle then while the bottle was upside down carbonated water was allowed to enter through the nozzle.

  Forum Editor 16:47 09 Dec 2013

These old syphons had to deal with an internal pressure of around 90 to 100 psi when they were full, and they were not made to be opened, except in the factory. Attempting to remove the top and nozzle will damage it beyond repair.

  bumpkin 17:32 09 Dec 2013

How much liquid is in it? you will not be able to totally empty it but you can get most of it out if you pressurize it.

  bumpkin 17:48 09 Dec 2013

Do you want to completely clean it out or just get rid of the liquid? If you just want to get rid of the liquid then tape the discharge lever open and place the syphon in a warm place until it evapourates.

  onthelimit1 18:39 09 Dec 2013

If all the pressure has gone with fluid still in there, I would think you could add a little pressure with (say) a footpump (with the discharge lever on the syphon open). When FP removed, that small amount of pressure should push the fluid out (I don't think there is a non return valve in the cap).

Once empty, cleaning fluid could be pumped in and emptied by the same means. Worth a try!

  bumpkin 19:01 09 Dec 2013

Onthelimit1, exactly what I had in mind but considering its age the pressure should be kept low say 10psi and I would suggest that anyone attempting this wears goggles just in case.

  finerty 09:24 10 Dec 2013

i wonder if u could auction them at southby's

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