1922 Committee

  morddwyd 07:14 20 May 2010

That nice Mr Cameron is trying to get himself and his front bench (the Tory members!) onto the 1922 Committee.

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Presumably to forestall any protests as Tory policies are further watered down in favour of Lib Dem ones.

He wants to bring ministers and backbenchers together in one body.

Yes, you could call it something like The Parliamentary Party. Oh, of course, we already have one of those!

According to one report, no link I'm afraid, he is doing it now because all the newly elected Tory MPs are unlikely to rebel against the leadership at this early stage of their careers.

Surely not? Could that nice, smiling, honest man of the people be so devious?

  ronalddonald 07:21 20 May 2010

i thought brown was more devious.

  jakimo 14:25 20 May 2010

steady on morddwyd, you be asking next for a referendum to bring back "He who saved the world "

  natdoor 20:31 20 May 2010

So he wishes to change the rules of an organisaton of which he is not permitted to be a member. If he is successful, presumably the Tory backbenchers would form a 2010 committee.

  bri-an 21:08 20 May 2010

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Well he managed it, but at what eventual cost? There will be a lot of backbenchers with long memories.

  morddwyd 07:36 21 May 2010

Wouldn't be surprised if this rumbled on for a while yet, he wasn't overwhelmingly popular in the country, and I don't think he's overwhelmingly popular in the party.

Even more than the other parties, the Tory backbench wields a lot of power, and contains some very senior figures.

  jack 08:02 21 May 2010

Even aspires to be an MP let alone get to be PM
then it can be assumed he/she is indeed 'Devious'

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:27 21 May 2010

The name of the committee gives some indication to how many years out of date it is.


  morddwyd 08:41 21 May 2010

You've come out with some tosh from time to time, but that really takes the biscuit.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:54 21 May 2010

Glad to see your humour bypass operation has worked. Wrong side of the bed today perchance?


  Al94 11:35 21 May 2010

Gandalf is spot on - The 1922 Committee got its name from the year a group of Conservative backbench MPs voted to end the coalition formed by the Liberal Party with the Conservative Party - easy to see why he wants to ensure this committee becomes toothless and for him to be able to lead an inclusive party.

Look at it this way, if you were taking over as head of any company, organisation or whatever and you knew there was a group of activists in the lower ranks with potential to be a thorn in your side, you would take whatever steps necessary to disarm them - simple common sense

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