183 bus route

  ronalddonald 18:26 02 Jun 2010

claim to have a better service, yet when i or my wife uses it how come we dont see that. Ive sent them countless complaints yet they still keep passengers waiting.

They drive on some days at a crawl when they are no traffic jams.

wait at bus stops at length of time.

Dont bother waiting when a different route bus turns up to let on passengers.

Very very annoying in winter, summer and any season of the year.

  Forum Editor 18:56 02 Jun 2010

I occasionally ride the 183 bus down to Magnolia and Woodman. Strangely, I've never experienced any problems - the drivers seem pretty friendly.

Oddly enough, I always assumed you lived somewhere in the UK.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:06 02 Jun 2010

I vote this inexplicable post as 'most parochial' of the year.


  sunnystaines 19:09 02 Jun 2010

at bus "request" stops the bus does not have to stop which means during slack periods it gets ahead of schedule so it either slows down or waits at a bus "stop" till its designated time appears before it proceeds.

look at the bus stop to see if the sign reads request or stop.

  Admiral Allstar 19:12 02 Jun 2010

Never used the 183 route, but if it goes from the uk to usa then i am not surprised it has problems with service.

I used to use the 76 bus route in london - that was pretty good but the service did deteriorate over the last few months i lived in london.

  Bald Eagle 19:15 02 Jun 2010

Many years ago in Sheffield there were "time stages". If a bus was ahead of schedule it remained at the bus stop until the correct time then set off again.

  sunnystaines 19:33 02 Jun 2010
  Bingalau 19:34 02 Jun 2010

I only use the 163 route around Formby, it runs on a circular type route, passes my front door every hour at twenty minutes past the hour. All us old grumpies get it because we don't have to pay and it is like a ride around town for nothing. isn't that great? We pass a shop full of tinned tomatoes as we go round in ever decreasing circles. Good job it stops running overnight innit?

  morddwyd 19:41 02 Jun 2010

Post may be parochial, but it isn't inexplicable.

Guy's getting bad service and moaning about it.

Fairly normal activity!

  octal 20:02 02 Jun 2010

That still happens. On the 607 route Shepards Bush to Uxbridge, it is supposed to be an express bus with limited stops. It has this habit of stopping and an announcement comes on saying "This bus will stop here for a few minutes to regulate the service" you then find that all the other local buses, the 207, 83 and the 427 go flying by and we are stuck there like Muppet's, I'm a bit picky on what bus I catch now, express isn't always express.

  canarieslover 20:26 02 Jun 2010

Probably a case of 'More than me job's worth' to not stick to the timetable. Mind you if ronalddonald got to the bus stop at the correct time and saw the bus disappearing into the distance he would be complaining again.

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