is 18 better than 17 to Learn to drive

  ronalddonald 16:29 09 Apr 2010

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Personally i think more training should be given to 17 year olds with mock role plays of police pulling them over to see how it feels to be arrested.

And the use of simulators would go a long way.

I know 17 years like to take risks so will 18 year olds regardless of their attitude to driving.

And there is more traffic eon the roads these days and you get the van drivers and commuter drivers who wont stick 30 mph rather the like to go above 30

  Forum Editor 16:42 09 Apr 2010

you decided to post a link to an article that is almost three years old, or why you think new drivers would benefit from knowing what it feels like to be arrested.

  sunnystaines 17:12 09 Apr 2010

cannot see a problem, 17 years is about right, I was 20 when i learnt to drive.

  carver 18:22 09 Apr 2010

What difference is there between a 17 and 18 year old, doesn't matter at what age you start driving, it's the person that makes the difference.

Some people just like to here themselves spouting rubbish.

  spuds 16:55 10 Apr 2010

Perhaps off subject slightly, but in the news there is quite a bit about improvements and school's being 'independent' through private or commercial financing arrangement. We have one such new school nearby, and I notice on a Sunday mornings there are driving (car and motorcycle) tutorials being conducted on-site. Now to me that's one definite improvement.

But having stated that. Will it stop the 'boy racer' or unlicensed and uninsured from being on the roads, irrespective of age, knowledge or experience.

  karmgord 17:20 10 Apr 2010

I think think after passing a test people of any age should be limited to a vehicle of say 60bhp maximum for a year and Mandatory display of a green P plate along with a ban on motorways.
After a year a pass plus style test should be taken before the P plate can be removed and motorways be driven on

  karmgord 17:27 10 Apr 2010

P.S perhaps the BHP limit should be enforced until the age of 25 when the boy/girl racers might have matured a bit or a least gained some experience.
As the law now stands somebody rich enough can pass their test just after 17 then drive a super car down the motorway,in the rain snow & ice

  Forum Editor 18:06 10 Apr 2010

somebody rich enough can pass their test just after 17 then drive a super car down the motorway,in the rain snow & ice"

The law may allow it, but there's still that little matter of trying to get someone to insure you.

  spuds 18:20 10 Apr 2010

If anyone is super rich, then there's nothing stopping them from insuring themselves ;o)

But having said that, I wonder how many vehicles are on the road 'insured' that have had or are undergoing major speed and 'designer' looks improvements!.

  Forum Editor 18:35 10 Apr 2010

Unfortunately, the law doesn't allow you to indemnify yourself in that way, no matter how wealthy you might be.

  bremner 18:49 10 Apr 2010

Has section 144 Road Traffic Act 1988 been repealed?

This allows an individual to deposit £500,000 with the Accountant General and therefore be exempt from the requirement of third party insurance

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