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  Clapton is God 08:37 29 Apr 2011

I had to turn over before I got to the REAL news in the morning paper today.

The first

  Forum Editor 16:58 29 Apr 2011

Stanage Edge

I once went to a big house called North (something) Hall which I think is near Stanage edge - or am I dreaming of another place altogether? Stunning landscapes, if it's the same place.

  Forum Editor 17:13 29 Apr 2011

Chegs ®™

Burn plenty of CDs, you may have a hard time avoiding it over the next few days. The wedding probably had the second biggest viewing audience in world TV history at just over 2 billion. Princess Diana's funeral got the biggest audience so far, with 2.5 billion.

  SparkyJack 17:37 29 Apr 2011

WEll now this seems to be getting a little heated does it not? For my part in previous threads on the topic I had said I would not watch- I had better things to do - may be pick up highlights later.

In the event the TV was on,

I had my wireless phones one and went about things whilst commentary on the crowds and outside comings wrent on - but returned to watch the live happenings in the Abbey and the procession thereafter.

And I have to say it did bring a tear to remind my of my day 54 years ago and the the subsequent Royal weddings I attended [ As a Met Police Thames Special Constable route liner]

  Quickbeam 17:46 29 Apr 2011

"a big house called North (something) Hall"

I can only think off, and see on the OS maps Stanage Lodge or Moscar House at the northern A57 end. But Brumas will probably have a picture of it somewhere in it's Edwardian heyday:)

  hssutton 18:58 29 Apr 2011

I'm one of those persons who would not go to the end of my drive to see royalty. My wife and daughter however see things differently, so the TV was on.

very strange for me, but I enjoyed every minute, Not sure if I'm a convert, but have to agree with userious?

  Forum Editor 19:08 29 Apr 2011


"Not sure if I'm a convert, but have to agree with userious?"

I think that's a fairly common experience - even if you can't stand the mention of the words 'Royal family' you would have to be rather insensitive not to feel at least the stirrings of patriotic pride at the sight of our country doing its thing with soldiers on horseback, carriages, and all the grandeur that is Westminster Abbey in full dress.

I know of no other country in the world can match us for it.

  morddwyd 19:14 29 Apr 2011

Not my scene (had to attend too many ceremonial parades when I knew there was real work waiting to be done), but good luck to them.

Hope they reach the fifty we have managed.

In an effort to avoid it I went shopping.

Damned if they didn't broadcast the thing live over the PA!

  Forum Editor 22:45 29 Apr 2011

"she bent her head forward and it looked as if she had nodded off"

We noticed the same thing, and thought the same thing. She must have sat through a thousand church services, and I imagine that seemingly interminable sermons act as a soporific. By then the Royal thoughts must have been straying to that refreshing gin and tonic waiting back at the palace.

  IClaudio 10:38 30 Apr 2011

'Royal thoughts must have been straying to that refreshing gin and tonic' ... when The Queen left the balcony after the fly past, her body language definitely said 'Now for that G&T'!

I enjoyed the whole affair: the British can do this sort of thing better than anyone else. Other countries may have more polished military parades, but there's a certain humanity in British pageantry that nobody else can match.

  Forum Editor 11:57 30 Apr 2011


"...there's a certain humanity in British pageantry that nobody else can match."

I think you've put your finger on it.

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