£17 Million buys you this! Luxury Yacht

  Uboat 09:28 10 Jun 2010

My word! facinating BUT i think remortgaging the house isnt going to be viable! lol

click here

  ronalddonald 11:43 11 Jun 2010

wonder how much the insurance would be

  babybell 11:55 11 Jun 2010

I would be a nervous wreck owning that! I would be constantly worried about attacks from pirates! Unless you can get it to Monaco and just keep it moored there to show off a bit, then that would be great. But I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable riding around on the un-policed ocean waves in it!

  Quickbeam 12:14 11 Jun 2010

Is it real, it looks a bit of a graphic design mockup to me?

  Al94 12:31 11 Jun 2010

Looks like a small sppedboat beside this one click here

  Brumas 12:49 11 Jun 2010

Not wishing to hijack your thread, can I point out that like the idiots in my "I wouldn’t trust these idiots with a rowing boat" the person who buys this does not need to have any qualification whatsoever to take this vessel to sea.

Just think of the damage/mayhem it could cause if not handled intelligently!?

  [email protected] 15:48 11 Jun 2010

With 13,000 bhp at your disposal, I'm sure you could outrun the pirates if push came to shove!

  gengiscant 15:52 11 Jun 2010

Where do the rollocks go?

  Quickbeam 16:00 11 Jun 2010


  Devil Fish 18:50 11 Jun 2010

i think he means rowlocks where do you put the oars when it breaks down

  Devil Fish 19:04 11 Jun 2010


it is highly unlikely that the people buying these boats will skipper them themselves or if they do they would take navigation and radio courses a requirement to enter uk ports

i remember my father having to take courses to enter newhaven where he kept his boat and that was just a 14 foot fishing dingy

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