16 years for murder and torture.

  rdave13 00:57 20 Feb 2010

This is the sentence imposed for this type of crime in modern Britain.
click here
Should say 16 years 'minimum' sentence (life?) to get the facts right. The partner got 5 years.
Who says crime does not pay.

  Uboat 01:06 20 Feb 2010

rdave i read this earlyer about 2 hours ago on bbc news! this guy is a monster! should be put amongst the hardest most feared criminals! & then Deported. thats poor little inocent girl! how can a man torture a little girl of such a young age? he should of been deported THEN stood trail in his country! i would see "Necklacing" which is very brutal in Africal! a fair sentance!

  Uboat 01:07 20 Feb 2010

here it is:

click here

  rdave13 01:15 20 Feb 2010

Apparently it will be deported after serving its sentence. The woman involved is more to be pitied, I suppose, as she (it) only got 5 years. Poor thing.

Damn, nearly forgot that there was a victim here,
silly me.

  Uboat 01:38 20 Feb 2010

Just to add he did this due to avoid being Deported?

  johndrew 09:57 20 Feb 2010

I disagree with the sentence totally. He should be put on a scaffold, a rope around his neck and then dropped.

  Forum Editor 10:01 20 Feb 2010

Hanging is simply state-sanctioned revenge killing, and achieves nothing, which is why enlightened nations have abolished capital punishment.

  rdave13 10:31 20 Feb 2010

I'm a bit puzzled how these sentences are set. The sentence was life with a minimum of 16 years to be served before deportation I assume. How does someone come to a conclusion of a 'minimum' jail sentence while serving a life sentence?

  Kevscar1 10:37 20 Feb 2010

Surly in this age of cost-cutting and recession it is a great reduction in the spending of taxpayers money. You don't have to feed, cloth or shelter them. How much is 16 years in prison going to cost us.

  Kevscar1 10:54 20 Feb 2010

trouble is FE once said Saudi Arabi was not a civilised country because they had the death penalty.
By inference he is now saying America is not an enlighted nation because they allow certain states to have the death penalty.

  Kevscar1 10:57 20 Feb 2010

People in care homes did not do anything to deliberatly deserve to be in them. Slightly different from a child killer.

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