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16 residents Diie at Glasgow care home.

  Govan1x 21:55 06 Apr 2020

16 residents Die at Glasgow care home.The figure is now 16 or 18 with other residents still in hospital.

I find the figures shocking especially as none were hospitalised. Just how many more can we expect from same care home.

I have to assume that more care homes must also be infected.

Like most care homes they are probably under staffed and over worked as some of the staff have also caught the virus.

Some of the residents were taken to Hospital at the weekend and i know that at least one of them has had a positive test for the virus.

It is just a terrible time we are going through just now and we have been told it will probably get worse before it gets better.

  john bunyan 22:13 06 Apr 2020

5 died in a Portsmouth care home not far from us:


  Dunk 08:06 07 Apr 2020

Govan1x:- "I find the figures shocking especially as none were hospitalised"

Sad to say the rules appear to be to only contact hospitals when symptoms worsen, and in the case of very elderly, likely frail, residents of care homes this could well prove fatal.

I have a relative in a care home at present and worry about her.

I,also, believe it has not yet been established whether these deaths were "with" or "from" covid19, or some natural causes.

  Govan1x 14:21 07 Apr 2020

The only way family members found out about the problem in the care home was when it was shown on the news.

They could not visit the care home as they had a no visit policy.

But you are correct many care homes in Scotland have the same problem. I would imagine it will be the same all over the UK

  Govan1x 14:58 07 Apr 2020

I would imagine the stay at home and don't go to hospital is not working especially for the elderly in care homes.I did read that those that died did not receive hospital treatment.

Something has to be done, but maybe they are working on the old are dispensable and to concentrate on those that have a better chance of survival.

I suppose the care home would need to be fumigated not sure how they can do that unless maybe one room at a time which would be unlikely.

Dunk. I have an elderly relative who was in that care home. She was taken into hospital on Saturday for health reasons and it was confirmed yesterday that she has got the virus and is in a stable condition at the moment.

So would have to think the majority that have passed away would have had the virus. Members of staff also caught it.

How do you stop it in other care homes. probably impossible to do that So basically the old have very little protection in the care homes.

Not sure what can be done to protect them but at the moment it is not looking good for them.

We are told to stay at home and fight the virus ourselves unless we think we need Hospital treatment. Now if you think about that, Boris tried that and is in intensive care now. So we have to think that it is a bad option.

  Govan1x 15:05 07 Apr 2020

Just to add and nothing to do with the virus.

Honor Blackman passed away yesterday at the age of 94. Most of the younger ones on this forum will not remember her.

So a fond farewell to Pussy Galore as she was known in the James Bond movie.And of course in the TV Series of the Avengers.

  Dunk 15:39 07 Apr 2020


As john bunyan shows, care home deaths are happening all over England as well, and, given the nature of what care homes are, it isn't really too surprising if death rates are higher than other places.

They are still a very small compared with hospital deaths, though. According to the BBC site, (England & Wales only, 7 days up to end March) "The vast majority of coronavirus deaths are happening in hospitals - 501 of the 539 deaths analysed here - but some are occurring in hospices and care homes too, says the ONS"

Not sure what the comparable figures are for you, in Scotland, yet. Will have a look.

  john bunyan 16:43 07 Apr 2020

I read that in Spain and Italy, in the hot spots, there were high numbers of care home deaths. By their nature care home residents are mostly elderly and frail, so it is sad but unsurprising that if they get coronavirus, the death rate will be much higher than average. Clearly the staff and all contacts must be ever vigilant- maybe take temperature before entering, wearing PPE etc

  Govan1x 00:12 08 Apr 2020

Yes they are mostly elderly and frail.

If my memory is correct the actual care homes do not have a regular Doctor they maybe called in to do regular check ups to some of the patients.

So basically it would be down to any medical staff that are in charge whether to call them out or not.

I think this virus shows that the elderly in care homes are not getting the treatment that a normal persons gets when visiting the doctors.

I don't think anyone could have predicted how bad this virus would be so the old and frail are not well protected.

They recon by the beginning of may shops will start opening and people will begin to go back to work.

But of course the old and frail will still need to stay indoors for months to come.

I would imagine until a vaccine is available they will be stuck indoors. End of this year or the beginning of next year maybe.

Although we are still fit enough to get out and about it is recommended that we don't leave home either.

Mind you it would be nice to know if we have already had it or not.

  Govan1x 00:19 08 Apr 2020

If you watch china when on TV you will notice that everyone is wearing masks.

The Government here have said that we don't need masks.

Is it a case that we don't need them or is not the case that we don't have any.

  Govan1x 14:09 08 Apr 2020

Maybe someone can answer this one for me.

My relation at the care home was diagnosed in hospital on Monday to have caught the virus, And today they are going to send her back to the care home.

This does not make any sense to the family. Why send her back to the care home where she could infect others.

They are probably working on the theory that they are all infected there anyway. lets send her back.

Harsh times bring harsh decisions but if this is the best we have i think we could all be in trouble.

Would it mean all people of a certain age are at the bottom of the barrel if they become ill.

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