Is £15'000 Going To Stop Racism In Football?

  babybell 15:42 25 Sep 2008

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How on earth is this going to solve anything?

  Forum Editor 17:10 25 Sep 2008

It's a gesture by FIFA to underline the fact that racism in football isn't acceptable, but the people who imposed the fine are realists - they know that fines like this can't possibly stop spectators from shouting racist remarks, especially at international games. The fine makes a point, it draws attention to the fact that a particular country has a problem, but the amount in this case is derisory; in my opinion it should have been far higher.

At club level there's a far better chance of dealing with it, because modern technology has handed the clubs ways to stop racial abusers from attending future games. It's technically possible to spot offenders and prevent them from gaining access to the ground again, if not for life, then at least as long as their face continues to match the image on the club system's database.

  laurie53 18:49 25 Sep 2008

Anyone who thinks that that the Scots will not be wearing "Anyone But England" T shirts, which is racism no matter how you dress it up, at the time of the next World Cup is living in cloud cuckoo land.

  interzone55 08:58 26 Sep 2008

Unless the Scot in question is a different race to the English, it isn't racism, it's just national pride. As long as it sticks at just t-shirts and doesn't descend into violence there's nothing wrong with having pride in one's country.

  interzone55 09:03 26 Sep 2008

Sorry, further to that point, what really gets me is people like Rod Stewart. He's only peripherally Scottish, in that one parent was from there. He was born & raised in London, and lives in Epping, yet for some reason he feels it's necessary to wear tartan and proclaim his love for a country he has rarely visited.

  rickf 09:30 26 Sep 2008

agree with alan14. he should go and live there just to prove his point. Now Sean Connery is a different kettle of fish altogether.

  laurie53 19:35 26 Sep 2008

"Unless the Scot in question is a different race to the English, it isn't racism"

And yet a Scot has just been convicted, rightly, of racially aggravated abuse of an English visitor.

Incidentally, proclaiming "Anyone but England" is hardly having pride in one's country, since one's country is not mentioned.

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