£14 million hiccup

  Seth Haniel 15:16 05 Dec 2008

An official investigation into the accident at the Large Hadron Collider has recommended that an early warning system be installed.

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" the damage would cost £14 million to repair and that experiments will not begin until next summer."

  The Brigadier 15:19 05 Dec 2008

Phew, so the world will not end till next year.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:20 05 Dec 2008

Might be an idea to rename it 'Beagle'.


  canarieslover 19:26 05 Dec 2008

Only £14,000,000 What a bargain!!

  ulrich 19:59 06 Dec 2008

On this forum it was only a minor problem? Personally I feel that this is another large waste of money. I will freely apologise if proven wrong. Who is paying for it by the way?

  canarieslover 20:14 06 Dec 2008

It seems that sarcasm does not figure in your character in the same way that it does in many other contributors. You will find that despite what the comments say we are concerned, nay, disgusted, that such vast amounts of our hard earned cash are being wasted so freely.

  AL47 20:20 06 Dec 2008

i dont really see the need for this tbh, better to have that EU satnav network up and running

politicians love throwing everyones money around!!

  wolfie3000 21:29 06 Dec 2008

I wouldn't say the LHC is a waste of money, its a shame its been set back but im sure like many other experiments it will only benefit mankind in the future.

Talking of a waste of money how many are complaining about the large amount of nuclear weapons that are rusting away in there silo's and are costing billions each year?

  Forum Editor 00:28 07 Dec 2008

it might be worth pointing out that compared to the sums that are spent in some other fields of human endeavour £14 million is a relatively insignificant amount.

The European Space Agency has just agreed to spend 9.9 billion Euros on various European space research projects.

In the four year period 2001-2004 some 50 million Euros were paid to some farmers in Southern Italy for buying and selling surplus citrus fruit. It was subsequently discovered that neither the farmers or the fruit had ever existed.

In 2007 the Belgian city of Charleroi was discovered to have salted away around 12 million euros of EU money in an undeclared bank account that was being used by city politicians and officials to fund hunting trips and wining and dining events.

  AL47 10:13 07 Dec 2008

medical research is done mainly by private consortiums trying to make a profit

space exploraton and the like costs people money
i wouldnt mind a slow down of 'learning' if it saved the tax payer some money, particularly now

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