13.1 sound anyone?

  powerless 12:05 09 Jan 2005

click here

Think of the wires.

  Totally-braindead 14:07 09 Jan 2005

Never mind the wires I think I'd need to grow a second set of ears to hear the difference. Oh and I think I'd need a bigger house or at least one bigger room, wonder if I could knock that wall down in the living room? Mmmmmm....

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:10 09 Jan 2005

What exactly is the point????? I can see the point of improved quality, but all those speakers...why?????

  CurlyWhirly 17:38 09 Jan 2005

What exactly is the point????? I can see the point of improved quality, but all those speakers...why?????

I agree with you that it is way over the top!
I am happy enough with my 5.1 speaker system and I don't see the need to expand in this area yet!

  PurplePenny 23:54 09 Jan 2005

Every additional speaker means a space that cannot be better occupied by a book, CD, DVD or cat.

  powerless 06:29 10 Jan 2005

If you have the room [and lots of it] and the money then why not?

I struggle with 5.1 sound and it's not as a perfect setup as it should be :-(

  Demora 18:38 10 Jan 2005

I think I agree with Purplepenny. My cat would love extra scratching posts and has been eyeing my 5.1s fo a while now. AND he's a Notorious wire biter. Mice, Modems speakers and headphones have all suffered in the past.


  josie mayhem 19:38 10 Jan 2005

Apart from wiring and where the hell do you fit in 14 speakers in a standard lounge problems. I don't think that I will be getting any.

I love my 5.1 on my telly(when I get around to watching something) and on my computer. But every other sunday when my dad comes to lunch, I lose all benefits of surround sound, have to turn of several of the speakers.

Why you may ask?

My dad wears hearing aids, well he will wear one but not the both. If I have the surround sound on, he complaines that the sound echcos, and he can't stand it at all, so I dread to think what it would be like if he had to contend with 14 speakers firing sound at him from all directions.

  jerichobob 19:26 11 Jan 2005

Any sound system that requires me to take off my shoes to count the speakers is OTT.

When I were a lad we 'ad proper mono and 'et coal fer breakfast........blah, blah blah.

Too much. How on earth are most people going to accomodate 14 speakers in one room? I've seen loads of 5.1 systems wasted due to poor positioning - mine included - so what would be the effect of almost trebling the damn things? Plus, my missus would murder me if I tried to get that past the decorating committee.

  Vague Boy 21:49 11 Jan 2005

As someone who would one day like a proper 5.1 set-up, the idea of even more speakers is loopy. This seems to be heading along the hi-fi obsessive route, where the sound quality takes precedence over what is actually being listened to!

  Sapins 09:22 13 Jan 2005

I thought mice had to suffer if you have a cat;-)

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