13000 satellites around the earth

  octal 22:52 31 May 2010

If you use Google Earth then run this database, it lists all the satellites in real time. I think a lot of them are defunct now looking at the launch date, I didn't realise there where so many.

click here

  Big L 266 10:08 01 Jun 2010

Hello octal.

My favourites were Telstar and Sputnik back at the beginning of the 1960s when I were knee-high to a grass-hopper.

Am going to look at the database right now.

Thanks for this info.

Big L 266

  Quickbeam 10:37 01 Jun 2010

Do they ever crash into each other and burn up as they fall back?

  Quickbeam 10:38 01 Jun 2010

The 'B' side wasn't bad either... click here

  Noldi 11:06 01 Jun 2010

Summer barbeques as the evening gets later I sit looking up into the sky watching the Satellites going across the sky. I always try and spot the 3 that follow each other at uniform distance. I always get funny looks until I show people what I’m actually looking at.


  octal 13:05 01 Jun 2010

I have spotted some of the OSCAR satellites that I used to use back in the 1970's and 80's, I think it was OSCAR 6 and 7. It used to be great fun calculating the orbits and predicting when it was passing overhead and having to keep retuning the receiver to keep up with the Doppler shift as the satellite approached then started to go low in frequency as it went down range. It was very strange to hear you voice coming back after a slight delay, it was most off-putting if you were trying to talk to someone.

  smartpoly 13:56 01 Jun 2010

There are constant issues with sattelites and their orbits

Here are some recent ones

click here

click here

click here

  morddwyd 22:34 01 Jun 2010

They're not all sweetness and light.

I used to be in a job where very few hours we had to suspend all activities in the open and put all the stuff we were using back inside.

The actual "pass" time was only two minutes, but lock down and re-start took a bit longer as you can imagine.

Doing that several times every working day for four years makes you wonder about "progress"!

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