£1200.00 State of Art Computer for £35.00

  Sethhaniel 14:14 28 Mar 2006

well thats how much I sold my old faithfull for -bought in 1998 latest technology 223mmx
and finally after months of it being for sale and price drop after price drop there she goes.
So now to the computer shops to treat myself with £35 -

  HondaMan 14:42 28 Mar 2006

Breaks your heart donnit?

  SG Atlantis® 15:09 28 Mar 2006

C'est la Vie

  ezypcy 15:15 28 Mar 2006

And it breaks my heart thinking of the poor person who now owns such a sad pc.What will they use it for.Sethhaniel you did very well in actually getting something for it.In the past,I cound'nt give away similar pcs for free.

Ah... it comes with a tft,excellent.

Some ancient pc are now collecters' items.

  Sir Radfordin 17:28 28 Mar 2006

Found the invoice for the first colour printer we had around 1996 - HP Deskjet (can't remember the number now) but it was more than £300 to buy!!

  spuds 17:51 28 Mar 2006

At least you took the wise decision, and didn't spend another fortune in trying to upgrade it.

Been ther, done it, and now a poorer person :o(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:29 28 Mar 2006

Don't tell the wife how much I've spent on computer s / bits over the last 10 years. I could have changed the car twice for that amount of money.

  big bloke66 19:27 28 Mar 2006

My only worry when i die is if my wife sells my computer and bits for what i said i paid for them.

  keith-236134 22:25 28 Mar 2006

Sell your wife, keep the computer.

  Sethhaniel 08:17 29 Mar 2006

the user is into music editing in a small way and the pc is of sufficient calibre for his needs and being of the no money type his father has bought it for his birthday
at least it will get a few more years of use by someone who will eventually go on to better things rather than be broken up and discarded

  spuds 10:14 29 Mar 2006

One vital question. Did you provide an extended warranty!.

The reason that I ask that question, was due to a similar sale, and the buyer wanted constant advice and after-care attention :o(

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