12 volt to 240volt

  Ex plorer 12:22 24 Aug 2008

I have heard its possible to run a house lighting circuit from a 12volt battery in the event of power failure.
I have been googling this subject for the past hour with various titles but cant find much on the subject.

  wiz-king 12:58 24 Aug 2008

You would need to run it via a large inverter. There are a couple of problems :-
The inverters are not cheap.
They need new batteries every couple of years. Not cheap.
It would need to be installed by a competent electrician.
Not very efficient so will put the electric bill up.

Easier all round to have some small rechargeable lanterns/torches about.

  dagbladet 13:12 24 Aug 2008

"...in the event of power failure."

"Easier all round to have some small rechargeable lanterns/torches about"

I'm detecting a small flaw in the plan.

  spuds 13:31 24 Aug 2008

Think in terms of leaving your car headlights on, and then compare usage and battery value.

The days of the torch and duvet are not numbered ;o)

  octal 13:43 24 Aug 2008

Maplin do a range of inverters click here

I wouldn't try and attempt to couple into the house wiring, there are strict regulations concerning that. If you want to run it on batteries than just be aware on the current consumption, you can work that out: current=power(Watts) divided by Volts, so for a 300 Watt inverter running at full power = 25 Amps. A small generator is another alternative, and it might be cheaper to run.

  spuds 13:54 24 Aug 2008

Using a small petrol powered generator (with good ventilation and safety guidelines) is an alternative, but if the house wiring is to be used, then the necessary mains isolation and changeover devices must be used and installed by a competent and registered person.

A cheap £60/£100 up to 1000 watt domestic usage petrol generator will cover limited domestic usage of lighting and food-drink provision.

  interzone55 13:56 24 Aug 2008

You could whack a UPS on your lighting circuit...

""...in the event of power failure."

"Easier all round to have some small rechargeable lanterns/torches about"

I'm detecting a small flaw in the plan."

What's the flaw? If the torches are rechargeable then they will be trickle charged until the power drops, then the torches /lanterns will turn on, rather like emergency lamps at work.

  dagbladet 14:00 24 Aug 2008


"rather like emergency lamps at work."

Is there a domestic system available?

  jack 14:39 24 Aug 2008

Oil Lamps Candles perhaps
We have a rechargeable lantern tucked away and a box of candles under the kitchen sink.
Just in case.

  Bingalau 14:42 24 Aug 2008

Petrol run generators, ??? I think even the old type paraffin lamps will cost a lot more to run than they used to.

  peter99co 14:48 24 Aug 2008

Phillips sell an automatic twin tube light that comes on if the power fails. It is portable and rechargable and costs less than £20.

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