12 months to the Olympics

  Colonel Graham 23:23 27 Jul 2011

Never mind Christmas, we need a year to get into the spirit of this. I've already started celebrating best I can, but have been upstaged by Tom Daley.

I'm bracing myself against the piano, and am preparing for sleepless nights with the worry of it all. I may have to turn to drink.

  Quickbeam 07:44 28 Jul 2011

Has the worry subsided after a good nights sleep?

  Aitchbee 09:43 28 Jul 2011

I hope someone is still 'winding up' that Olympic Countdown clock in Trafalgar Square.Just in case I'll do it again:-

"Call yourself an Olympic Countdown clock - should be ashamed of yourself!"

I am now putting computers to bed in a big sealed box....housework beckons. See you all in a week's time! Aitch.

  birdface 09:52 28 Jul 2011

You have to think what it is going to cost the uk to hold the Olympics here and whether we should have cancelled it or not.

The Government were not long cancelling other things especially from the armed forces as we could not afford them.

  woody 10:39 28 Jul 2011

"You have to think what it is going to cost "

Will we ever know the true cost? So much is "booked" to other things - for example the council have a person costing £100ks to tell us we have games in 2012 multi that up by other councils.Then there is the "cost" of taking funds from small sports projects which would have done a lot of good at a local level.Would i be allowed to build on that "unclean" land? Then there are the people from some parts of the world - conversation at border next year"why are you here?" "the games" "when do you go back?" "laughter"!

  wee eddie 10:49 28 Jul 2011

24 months until it will be discovered that there were gargantuan cost overruns that have been covered up.

36 months until it is admitted that there are no alternative uses for the bulk of the Stadia and that Greenwich Park has been destroyed and is going to be turned into an up-market housing estate with a block of Flats for the Filipino Domestic Staff.

48 months until the whole Olympic Site becomes derelict and the Army takes over security there.

  wee eddie 11:50 28 Jul 2011

Who said that I was moaning.

I do not need the Olympics to feel good about this Country of ours.

However I feel that it is a phenomenal waste of public money, which will certainly "NOT" persuade the general public to take up more a more active lifestyle, barring the few thousand people who are probably already fairly active anyway.

  Quickbeam 12:03 28 Jul 2011

fm I can see you're going to have to start your own pro-Olympic thread.

Only a year left to get it rolling...

  spuds 12:49 28 Jul 2011

"Twelve months to the Olympics".

At least it will give a selected number of people a few months of enjoyment in either praising or 'moaning' about the forthcoming?.

Our local council have disposed of a number of sporting activities and local facilities, and are now 'moaning' that they have no funding or resources to provide for the youngsters or even oldsters, now or in the foreseeable future.

  cream. 15:17 28 Jul 2011

It will be great, won't it FM. 4 weeks of sporting excellence. For how many £billion?

Never mind that Library's, sports clubs, sports tracks, swimming pools, day centres for the disabled, schools for austisc children, respite centres for disabled children, special schools, ad infinitum because we are broke.

But we will have 4 weeks

of watching the tele as we can not afford the bl**dy tickets to watch or for the train or accomadation in London.

  morddwyd 21:20 28 Jul 2011

While I have sympathy with fm's feelings about British negativity, I do feel that the Olympics, like so much other sport, is now totally in thrall to the money men, and the goal (no pun intended), even if only in visitors and ticket sales, is entirely financial not human endeavour.

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