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£110M to Africa & Middle East from the UK?

  Portal11 01:16 27 May 2011

Africa & the Middle East due to get a nice £110 Million over four years then there is the cost of the war, Does anyone think we are spending too much on other countries?

I am on the Fence with this so i am not siding cause i DONT know the facts..

Whats Your thoughts on this guys?


  spuds 09:48 27 May 2011

" buying British made goods". Would that be armaments then!.

  anskyber 10:55 27 May 2011

Indeed, but let's not get too watery eyed over the aid debate.

Of course we are acting in a humanitarian way but we are also acting in cold self interest. Aid equals influence in the region and influence is never too far away from financial benefit to us through contracts/mineral exploitation and the like.

  spuds 23:07 27 May 2011


The idea you have suggested is perhaps a very good one, and in some areas of the globe, this type of work is already going on, usually undertaken by charities and people donations.

But we also have the other side of the coin, when items that are sent to aid a country are stolen, no matter the size. Many years ago, I was involved in a project, and the rather large machinery involved was stripped down overnight. It didn't take very long to get the items back, because the 'newness' became very identifiable in the area.

  Forum Editor 11:53 28 May 2011

"Of course we are acting in a humanitarian way but we are also acting in cold self interest."

Which would seem to me to be the perfect combination of motives.

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