107 and still bogging along!

  TOPCAT® 14:42 26 Feb 2007

Olive Riley is alive and well in Australia and, with the help of family, has opened her bog - "The Life Of Riley." It is claimed she is the oldest bogger in the world and who am I to dispute that!

It's worth having a 'decco' at it, cobber. Maybe there's still hope for me yet! :o))TC.

click here

  Kate B 14:56 26 Feb 2007

d'you mean "blogging"? *giggles* What a lovely malapropism!

  TOPCAT® 15:06 26 Feb 2007

Well, she does tell of her night visits to the b...toilet when staying at a relative's home. They put a bell on her walker to alert them she was up and about. :o)) What the 'L' am I going on about! TC.

  Kate B 15:20 26 Feb 2007

I dunno, TC, what *are* you on about? *giggles again*

  TOPCAT® 15:59 26 Feb 2007

here and the sun is out. Thought a little light-heartedness would lift the spirits and put a smile on a face or two. Seems to have worked over in your direction!

Nice little *blog* she's got going there, isn't it? TC.

  Jackcoms 16:25 26 Feb 2007

A bog is a 'dunny' in Oz.

So are we talking about a bog, a blog or a dunny? ;-)

  Kate B 16:43 26 Feb 2007

A bog is also a loo in boardingschoolspeak, or at least it was when I was at boarding school.

  rodriguez 17:02 26 Feb 2007

I still use the word "bog" when talking about the loo - along with many others...

  TOPCAT® 17:46 26 Feb 2007

There's East Looe, West Looe and on your way out there's Toodle- Looe! :o) TC.

  laurie53 21:35 26 Feb 2007

If you had to work a weekend or holiday in the forces you frequently received "time off in lieu"

I can remember being asked where one of my crew was (I was down west at the time) and replying he was on time off in Polperro.

On being asked, quite forcibly, what he was doing in Polperro I said he was fed up with Looe.

I was subsequently warned as to my future conduct

(Well you all started it!)


  Bob The Nob© 22:54 26 Feb 2007

I dont like toilet speak! lol

so this womans opened a bog, what has she opened?

1. A toilet
2. A small grassy but very marshy area

I vote for 1!

Well, good luck to her BLOG! L!

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