1,000,000,000 reasons why weed should be legal?

  Archie44 18:49 29 Jun 2018

metro news

according to metro news if that is the case what are they

  Archie44 18:50 29 Jun 2018

and should this be classed as fake news

  natdoor 20:46 29 Jun 2018

Each reason is £1.

  canarieslover 21:06 29 Jun 2018

At least if it was made legal the sales could be taxed and that could fund the extra the NHS needs.

  Cymro. 10:13 01 Jul 2018

What I want is for some independent research to be made to find out if cannabis based products actually do have some beneficial medical use. If so then by all means legalise the stuff for use in medicine.

  leon42 07:47 10 Jul 2018

I have been smoking cannabis for a long time and I really can say one million reasons why weed should be legal :D From a medical point of view, cannabis negatively affects the brain only if not properly used and that causes only forgetfulness? Really? Is this a drug? Because I can name a lot more negative effects with the constant use of alcohol. I found an about how marijuana affects the body, positively and negatively, and after that I concluded that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. And what do you think? Tell me than.

  Archie44 12:33 10 Jul 2018

Knowing that people also become aggressive when they don't get their fix from the vice they choose to have be it cannabis, alcohol.

Trouble is the ones who choose to take it will defend it and the ones who see the damage see more damage than the user. As it happens not even you or any user has listed 1,000,000,000 reasons not even in a pdf format

  Archie44 12:35 10 Jul 2018

now im going to watch t The Centenary of the Royal Air force

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