The 10 easiest postcodes to sell property

  day2strike 16:28 06 Aug 2008

1.CV6 (Coventry): 44

2. CR0 (Croydon): 40

3. S6 (Sheffield): 36

4. BN3 (Hove): 35

5. SW19 (Wimbledon): 35

6. BN1(Brighton): 34

7. E14 (Poplar): 34

8. ST5 (Newcastle-under-Lyme): 34

9. FY8 (Lytham Saint Annes): 33

10. SG2 (Stevenage)

Croydon is in it as no one wants to live their, it's bad enough working their!
Wimbledon is however very up & coming!
More so if your near The All England Club!

  cluckinbell 16:35 06 Aug 2008

I spot a slight flaw in your argument about Croydon.......

  interzone55 16:48 06 Aug 2008

Such a shame I don't have any properties in those postcodes...

  crosstrainer 16:51 06 Aug 2008

What source are you using? No Welsh codes there :)

  sunny staines 16:55 06 Aug 2008

anyone want to buy a house in TW18 nothing moving round here

  pj123 18:15 06 Aug 2008

cluckinbell, snap.

Croydon, if no one wants to live there how is it easy to sell?

I was born in Croydon. I don't see a problem with living there.

  laurie53 20:49 06 Aug 2008

Don't see downtown Beirut there either!

  day2strike 06:22 07 Aug 2008

Croydon has one of the highest rates of gun crime in London, only a few weeks ago a mob of twenty beat up 2 police officers & Mayday Hospital sees a large % of gun related incidents daily. So apart from those Croydon is a great place to live!

  tillybaby 08:04 07 Aug 2008

I moved from the Fy8 postcode 12 years ago and must say the property was sold more or less immediately, makes me wonder if it was sold too cheaply.

  day2strike 12:46 07 Aug 2008

My folks live in leafy Surrey & a property in their road went on the market on the Thursday & was sold on the Saturday & even with a volatile market the asking price was paid!

  Clapton is God 13:01 07 Aug 2008

Croydon has recently been 'voted' as Chav Central hasn't it? That's probably why so many people are trying to sell.


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