0870...Well done Pappyon

  Wilham 22:00 09 Nov 2004

In Consumer Watch on 05-08-2004 Pappyon complained about the 0870 phone number 'theft'. click here

I was delighted to hear on the BBC that something is quickly being done to remedy what looks like rip-off after publication of the millions of pounds taken from customers and handed over. The programme included the tale of an 0870 where the reply said "You need to talk to my son, he's in the garage. Hang on, and I'll go and get him."

I first heard of this side of 0870 in Pappyon's thread. He did Consumers a service and I thank him.
And good for the forum, too.

  anchor 10:08 13 Nov 2004

Its worth repeating the link to this site. It gives geographical numbers to many 0870 numbers. Useful if you can call these at lower rates.

click here

  Djohn 18:32 13 Nov 2004

I read your original post but never got round to replying to it. I agree with you that it should be made more obvious when using these numbers.

BT has made quite a fuss, spent large amounts of money on advertising letting us all know that National calls are now the same rate as local calls.

For many people when they see that the 0870 is a "National rate call" they asume it is the same one that BT is refering to, IE National rate. and quite happily stay at the end of the phone listening to piped music thinking its costing them only the same as a local rate call.

I've noticed over this last year many company's local to me changing their number to an 0870. :o(

  Forum Editor 18:41 13 Nov 2004

I had to delete a post that contained some wildly inaccurate information.

  Wilham 18:48 13 Nov 2004

Pappyon. The reaction to your 0870 info was at first unsympathetic.

FE sometimes has to come in whoever is right.
I'm glad we haven't lost you.

I was interested to hear on the BBC the ruses people got up to, and that apparently anyone had been able adopt an 0870.

  Diemmess 19:43 13 Nov 2004

In spite of being loyal to BT and one of those too lazy to shop around, it wasn't until I read this thread that I realised national and local calls are effectivly the same.

I have lived in the dreamworld of believing that many mail order companies had changed to 0870, being a "National call rate" wherever they were.

I checked on my BT account by internet, and though I am on the 'BT Together' tariff and the statement is there to read, I gave up without finding any quickie table showing which numbers carry which charges. I said I was lazy!

  Wilham 21:08 13 Nov 2004

Further to Djohn's comment about firms changing from local to 0870, have you noticed the big companies who have altered freephone 0800 (or 0500) to 0870 ?

You ring the 0800.. to be told "Our number has changed.." Then join the queue. Ah well.

Thanks to all, Will

  sattman 21:31 13 Nov 2004

And for all those who are on a monthly fixed cost such as OneTel
Where non geographic number actually cost you money

click here

  g0slp 08:36 14 Nov 2004

Good link!

  g0slp 08:37 14 Nov 2004


  Alan2 11:27 25 Feb 2005

Further to all the above I recently came across this BT page listing the charge rates for all "Specialised Numbers".

click here=

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