0845 nos. and the like

  oseven 17:17 21 Jun 2007

Why is it that now that I pay £9.99 per month to get all my 01 and 02 telephone calls for free
( up yo 59 mins ) that every company I want to phone has a 0845 or 087 number? Even my bank will not talk to me unless I ring one of their premium rate numbers.They all of course play ridiculous music or advertise themselves for 5 mins. before they answer just to increase the rake off they get from the phone company.

  anskyber 17:26 21 Jun 2007

This may help with some. click here

  sinbads 17:27 21 Jun 2007

yep rip off uk click here

  sinbads 17:28 21 Jun 2007

too slow

  Monoux 17:30 21 Jun 2007

I feel exactly the same as it seemeed to happen to me too

There is a site s-aynoto0870.com ( the - between the s & a is to stop it turning into a click here ) where you can type in the number and it will give you the geographic number starting 01 or 02 , if avail;able of course. It works for 0845 numbers too

  Monoux 17:31 21 Jun 2007

me to slow too :o)

  anskyber 17:32 21 Jun 2007

And the answer really is.....customer care is paid for by.....you.

  oseven 18:27 21 Jun 2007

I am aware of the site you have suggested and have used them a couple of times.It's the principal of the thing that gets my goat.Many older or poorer people do not have internet acess.British Gas for instance shows 4 different 0845 nos. on their gas bill plus a 0870 no.

  nick2308 18:42 21 Jun 2007

Sorry, if I purchase something and I have a question, don't understand how it works or have a problem with it. I would like to speak to the shop where I bought it. It's called “Customer Service”.

Either try and use the SayNoto0870 site or don’t buy from the shop. If more people stood up to these people, they will soon get the message

  bluto1 18:50 21 Jun 2007

Tesco's are wrong if they don't accept the item back in the store it was purchased from. The customer has the right to return it whencw it came and not be fobbed off with a 'phone number, and Tesco's know that.

  Stuartli 19:35 21 Jun 2007

0845 calls are a lot cheaper than 0870 and 0871 numbers.

As most will be aware, the latter numbers bring in a share of the revenue for the call to the owners.

You can't expect phone companies to be responsible for paying for them, rather than you.

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