070 tel numbers

  sunnystaines 13:31 02 Sep 2011

on checking our mobile phone been charged for £5 calls on 070 numbers, don't know what the numbers relate too, never heard of 070 premium numbers before.

the phone on 3 network a htc desire smartphone. could a phone be compromised to dial numbers with the owner knowing.

number concerned are 07036274123 & 0703693530

  bremner 13:59 02 Sep 2011

Which states

Watch out for 070 codes. They look like mobile phone numbers, but can cost up to 50p a minute. 070 phone numbers are intended to act as a forwarding service – known as personal numbers, they divert calls to the owner's location.

However, because they are easy to mistake for mobile phone numbers, some criminals use them to try to con you into calling them and making money out of it. If you receive a missed call on your mobile from an 070 number, do not call it back – it is likely to be a scam. [Which 2011]

  sunnystaines 14:10 02 Sep 2011

bremmer thanks just tried ofcom website and made a complaint about the two numbers concerned.

they should be made to have a warning saying you are being diverted to a premium number.

"three" have just confirmed similar to what you say. "three" have just capped my number to prevent it again. was not aware i had been scammed till i checked the bill.

imagin advertising a bargin getting a lot of calls and scamming each one no one would know till they checked the bill and then would never know which number scammed them.

  Pineman100 18:48 02 Sep 2011

A useful warning! Thanks sunnystaines and bremner.

  Aitchbee 19:14 02 Sep 2011

My mobile phone recently 'conked-out' suddenly, for a day and a half.There was no reason why it should.It suddenly 're-awakened' as if nothing had happened.There were no warning messages.I was glad when it came back to life.

  bremner 19:15 02 Sep 2011


And the connection to 070 numbers is.

  Aitchbee 19:22 02 Sep 2011

bremner - could a phone be compromised to dial numbers with the owner knowing. Not is missing

I don't like my mobile being compromised i.e. put out of commission - is that a tenuous link?

  sunnystaines 20:42 02 Sep 2011

been through all the mobile numbers we would have called and through our contacts lists no 070 numbers. yet the two offending numbers come up on the lists of calls made.

ofcom were not interested unless i could prove it was a call back call I told them cant remember making the calls let alone say when, not dialling them again to find out and getting scammed again. so written it off as a learning curve & "three" have now put a blocking cap to prevent further 070's

be warned if you see 070 go elsewhere.

  interzone55 20:54 02 Sep 2011

It could well be you rung these numbers accidentally.

It's not necessarily a scam either, some people are too quick to jump to the conclusion that they've somehow been conned.

070 numbers are personal numbers, they are designed to forward to any line, so if you often work away you can have your number automatically forwarded to any line just by dialling an access number.

As these numbers entail additional charges to the telephone companies they are normally national rate numbers, or charged at the same rate as a mobile number, but they are not included in your bundled minutes.

The numbers are not shared revenue in the traditional sense, so the person you called will not get a cut of the call cost, but the company who issued the number will get a cut of the call.

  Aitchbee 20:56 02 Sep 2011

I heed your warning sunnystaines.

  lotvic 22:47 03 Sep 2011

Those numbers haven't been entered on http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Calls.aspx/070/m yet but there are plenty of other 070 numbers listed that make interesting reading. A lot of scams going on. You might want to add your two to the list, you can put them on with a query to see if anyone comments with who it is.

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