ZX Spectrum +2 , yes you saw correctly !

  curlylad 16:09 13 Apr 2004

Moving house soon so after rooting 'round in loft found a ZX Spectrum +2.
I succesfully tuned it into my portable TV and got the opening menu but I cant move the highlighter bar up or down with the cursor keys even after resetting so , options .
Do I..... 1)Throw it in a skip at midnight and hope no one sees me with it.
2)Try and fix it with your help cuz I've got the manual and some games and even though it would be sort of a sad thing to do , by the same token it could be considered quite cool to have a functioning ZX+2.
Or maybe 3)See if one of you guys can use it to put in a museum or something.
Any ideas folks ?

  bloo meeny 16:31 13 Apr 2004

And I say that as a Dragon32-ite whom speccy owners hated & vice-versa.

Although not Spectrum related,look at the interest in this thread (almost a year to the day ago) click here

Can't help with your problem though, sorry !

Just remembered - don't know the make/model but my niece recently showed me MANIC MINER on her mobile phone !!!

  anon1 17:42 13 Apr 2004

Have a look click here

  spuds 20:35 13 Apr 2004

Don't throw it in the skip.Could be worth a fortune in years to come, say 3004. Still have my Sinclair X80? with all the add-ons in the attic.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 20:39 13 Apr 2004

3004? lol hope im about to bid on it lol.I have only the light gun left :(


  daba 20:43 13 Apr 2004

You could donate it to a museum.

click here

is just one of a few.

  Gongoozler 20:43 13 Apr 2004

As far as I can remember, the Spectrum keyboard uses conductive pads on a rubber mat to make the contacts on the keyboard. After a time this type of switch needs a clean. I usually just give them a rub with clean paper, it appears to have just the right amount of abrasiveness. I don't know if the same applies to the Spectrum +2. It would appear that the value of a Spectrum +2 is about £20 click here

  SGT [email protected] 20:45 13 Apr 2004

i'm 10 again

  [email protected] 10:20 14 Apr 2004

Mine does'nt work either! and its still in the museum called "Attic". Keep it, and when you feel like throwing your PC out of the window - throw that one instead!

  curlylad 15:57 15 Apr 2004

Along with the Spectrum I also have the manual , one joystick , the power unit , one light gun , and about 20 games all in the original boxes(albeit slightly dishevelled).Just thought someone might be able to help me repair it even if it was only for old times sake....sniff...
So if there are any Speccy experts out there let me know.

  Stuartli 16:15 15 Apr 2004

Still got an Oric - had the original which went faulty and was given the second generation version with the high quality (proper) keyboard as a replacement.

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