Zwinky websearch ?remove

  CJ12 23:43 20 Oct 2008

Im sure someone explained how to remove this nasy little item as I cant remove it in the usual way it seems to have appeared after I stupidly downloaded IE 8 when 7 was fine now Ive lost all my favourites and cant copy pis with the right mouse clic also have to get favourites via the google bookmarks ...
I tried restoring to the point before I did the silly download but its still the same after restore...???
All legal clean suggestions welcomed... lol

  ambra4 00:36 21 Oct 2008
  CJ12 18:08 21 Oct 2008

I got the page but cant download the tool at all there are other things I cant get and some of my Pic's dont show also the minimised mages show as blank now I tried to download IE 7 again but cant do that either...
At the end of my tether now darn thing...!!!
Thanks anyway and glad of any further ideas of how to deal with it...

  ambra4 19:20 21 Oct 2008

Download and install Revo Uninstaller go into safe mode and run

Forget Microsoft Add/Remove program as it leave files in the registry and on the hard

drive which causes problem uninstalling and reinstalling programs use Revo Uninstaller

click here

If the windows request message to reboot appear DO NOT click the NO button Revo will

now search the registry and hard drive for any files that is not required, just click the

Select All button and the Delete button if any left over files are found once the “Finish”

button appear you can than reboot the computer

When you go into Revo Uninstaller look for FunWebProducts/My Web Search right click

and uninstall

Once the uninstaller is completed download and scans your PC with this program

Superantispyware there is a freeware version

click here

  CJ12 09:19 22 Oct 2008

I accept I dont know much but Im feeling its all to do with IE8 I downloaded as after going through info via that site I couldnt get any instruction to work and now I cant open a window at all it just comes up and disapears so its a good job I can use this backup as I cant do anything with IE now at all...???
Any more ideas please should I just ring IE helpline or get a local IT man to have a look...??

  birdface 09:28 22 Oct 2008

With IE7 You could go to Tools.Internet Options .Advanced and Press Reset.That would reset IE7 to its original state,But I do not know if you have that option with IE8.Like Ambr4, That was the only tool that I could find to remove your problem. Maybe try MalwareBytes [free or Superantispyware might help.

  birdface 09:30 22 Oct 2008

If IE8 still in add remove.Remove it from there and it should revert back to IE7.

  CJ12 09:41 22 Oct 2008

buteman I cant even get a window to open and when I go to my control panel I cant open Internet Options at all..???
It there another way to get to it ..???
I have got a phone number for IE help which is supposed to be free but Im worried it may charge or even be a false number maybe...???
Thanks again

  birdface 10:00 22 Oct 2008 here= It gives you different ways of removing it.No doubt you have already had a look.

  CJ12 10:12 22 Oct 2008

I did try that but as I cant open a window to go online theres nothing I can until I can sort IE and get back to IE7 I cant even open my Internet Options basically cant open anything ...
Originally I could open IE but with missing bits now I cant open it at all...

  birdface 10:25 22 Oct 2008

Have you tried in safe mode.[Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts].Or do you have another user account that you can use.If not see if you can open a new user account as an administrator .And see if you can work it from there.Can you still get into add-remove to see if you still have IE8 or seven.if IE8 maybe remove it.or will nothing work in control panel.Have you tried running your Security programs or will they not work also.

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