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  ba2dmi 15:03 25 Dec 2008


i have just received my new zoostorm pc for xmas i started the computer typed the first bit of my serial key then it jumped to the next page of choosing a username etc and a password - used the same password that i always use. when it comes to logging on it says my password is wrong. i have tryied to recover using the factory settings but the option is not avalible in the advanced boot section any ideas?

no disc's came with the product.

  crosstrainer 15:19 25 Dec 2008

You need to look at the new machines login......Probably blank (in other words in the manual )

then post back for change

  Graham. 15:47 25 Dec 2008

Just leave the password blank.

  ba2dmi 15:51 25 Dec 2008

thats the thing i cannot get passed the password log on the machines keeps saying my password is wrong. this is why im ring to restore it! any ideas how i can rstore it? to factory settings

  Graham. 17:19 25 Dec 2008

So it says it's wrong if you leave it blank and click OK?

  ba2dmi 17:25 25 Dec 2008

i have tried to leave it blank then prss ok justsays the password you have entered is wrong! tis is after i have completed setting up the administrator account mind!

any ideas on how to find the partition?

  crosstrainer 05:51 26 Dec 2008

If nothing in the manual, contact Zoostorm.

Only way out of it unless:

Try "user" without the quotes.

  Graham. 13:06 26 Dec 2008

Can you get into BIOS?

  ba2dmi 14:41 26 Dec 2008


i have found the restore factory settings in the manual but the option it describs is not avaible i think they must have missed it off when they set it up! ill have to contact zoostorm via ebuyer

  Graham. 16:13 26 Dec 2008

Contact Ebuyer. They're like lightning these days. They will send a courier to pick up the PC and deliver a new one.

  ba2dmi 14:07 27 Dec 2008

cheers graham!

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